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Product Concepts (UK) Ltd/ Product Concepts International Inc. We are a UK, US and Far East based operations that represents Brands in the live shopping forum such as Ideal World, QVC Germany, HSE, HSN, The Shopping Channel in Canada as well as retail. Product Concepts UK ltd manufacturers in our own production facility based in China, we manufacturer, source and distribute products as well as provide a detailed quality control for all products. Product Concepts UK Ltd is constantly working on Innovative new brands, Brand Management as well as our own proprietary brands. Product Concepts UK Ltd will white label with artwork provided or one can use our own design team for our proprietary cleaning lines.

Product Concepts UK Ltd and Microfiber

Is a far east and UK company where Microfibre/Microfiber cloths are manufactured and distributed from their factory in China. Product Concepts allows you to cut out the middle men and go direct to the factory ensuring a reduced cost and excellent quality in cloth. Product Concepts has regular containers sent to the UK where sales are done through their own ebay site

Contact us for individually designed packages, gsm, colour and qty.

We pride ourselves in quality, that much that in over 3 years of distributing to consumers we have NEVER had a returned cloth/Mitt.

What is Microfibre/Microfiber?

Tiny strands - incredibly, there's more than 1,000 miles of them in each cloth - dig deeper into the molecular structure of the surface, lifting out dirt that your old T-shirt simply slides over. They're also super-absorbent, holding on to any grime that's lifted out and reducing the amount of cleaner required.

Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used for many daily tasks such as:

Car cleaning

Car valeting

Home cleaning


Wiping down the shower (drying off after each shower/bath)

Polishing bathroom counters

Cleaning mirrors, glass


Product Concepts UK Ltd and Eureka

Eureka is a brand brought to you from Product Concepts International/Product Concepts UK (Ltd).Based worldwide you can trust the Eureka will suit your needs where ever you are.With Eurekas catchy slogan “if you see it, you can do it”, you can trust our products do the job.

Products available from the Eureka brand ;

- Eureka Voc approved Eco friendly waterless cleaner

- Multi Purpose cleaner

- Lime Scale remover

- Carpet and Upholstery cleaner

- Glass and Window cleaner and de mister

(Business opportunites available for these lines)

Eureka and Product Concepts ensures that all our products will deliver these 3 core values:
• Be great value for money
• Create customer satisfaction
• Signify great value for money


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