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Production Design & Supply are the preferred single source of many blue chip companies for the complete turnkey solution to their production environment.

  • Workstations
  • Benches
  • Roller track flow lines
  • Conveyors
  • The Sony Technolook video microscope
  • Fume extraction
  • Soldering
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Tooling

The above are just a few of the key products with which Production Design & Supply can provide ergonomic assembly line solutions.

Whether you have a complete factory to refit, an existing line/cell to refurbish or simply need a single bench, we can help.

About us

Production Design & Supply was established November 2000 and is based in Southam, Warwickshire, the ideal location for site visits all over the country. We are currently in the throws of building our very own show room for clients and suppliers to view a sample of all our products in one location. Keep an eye on our news page for up to date information.

How to place an order
We are happy to accept orders via telephone, fax or email, please quote the article reference & description of the items you require.

About us


Choose from thousands of standard products ranging from workbenches to chairs to workshop equipment, everything you could need for your workplace. We can offer high product quality and provide a high delivery assurance & short league times.

Production Design & supply can and even offer special solutions, with our bespoke designs maximising the potential in your working environment. We use a unique drill-less system with hidden joints. This allows endless adjustability along a profile section & simple adjustment in the future, if & when required.

Contact us today to discuss your complete ergonomic workplace solutions, we can provide advice and an excellent design service as well full capability for assembling our products and designs

  • Modular Workstations
  • Conveyor & Flowline Systems
  • Extruded Aluminium Solutions
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Fume Extraction
  • Microscopes
  • Office Furniture
  • Foam Cut outs for tidy tool location
  • Curved and Etched Glass
  • Vinyl Logos and Signs

Bespoke Products

We have a fantastic range of standard equipment, but it is often the simple bespoke items that are the key to linking these products together and making the complete solution work as one seamless entity.

Attention to detail and not having to compromise are important. Sometimes a totally custom solution is the way forward. For this we have over 30 years of creative design and manufacturing experience. We can offer a full 3D CAD service with fully rendered graphics and visualisations.

This sounds expensive but we have a technique for supplying low cost yet visually realistic concepts, to which, we only add the engineering detail if the concept is accepted for further development.

On a new project we are usually able to offer the first set of 3D concept drawings free of charge.

We can work with a wide range of materials like wood, plastic, glass, steel, stainless, aluminium, etc., and we have access to most manufacturing and prototyping techniques.

Currently one of our most popular areas of custom build utilises aluminium extrusions. The type we use is a special version with hidden fixings and does not need to be drilled. This keeps the cost down and makes it very easy to adjust and modify as well as being much neater in appearance.

One key reason for its popularity is just how cost effective it is for one offs and small runs combined with the very smart appearance.

Bespoke Products

Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services
If you need a particular item fabricating we can either build it in house or outsource to one of our local or national appointed fabricators. This allows us to supply almost anything, any size and out of almost material including:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
Fabrication Services

Design and CAD Services

In today's more competitive and fast moving times, 3D visualisations are fast becoming an essential part of the design process. 3D visualisations are a productive way of illustrating complicated design concepts to those not used to working with detailed technical drawings. They also add value to any presentations, websites and printed material you may need to carry out to get your point across.

Design and CAD Services

Consultancy Services

Our core aim is to design and deliver an improved working area for all involved.
We provide impartial advice in a number of areas; lean manufacturing, technical and bespoke requirements being the main ones.

We work with a diverse range of clients and areas including Medical, Aeronautical, Industrial manufacturing companies, and Electronics.

Our range of services include:

  • Providing full CAD designs
  • Outsourcing Services

Turnbull Management
We have partnered with Turnbull Management to provide a comprehensive Lean advisory service to our customers. This service operates on a savings share basis and therefore is free from upfront investment should you opt for our support - the onus is on us to provide you with as much profit improvement as possible and to release savings that you otherwise would not be able to. Your success is our success.

It is important that any improvements can be tracked and as such the first step is a comprehensive performance diagnostic on the operational area of your choice. This is fully refundable should you take out a fee free advisory package with us.

  1. Fee free. We will aim to provide you with as much financial improvement as possible with no upfront investment required.
  2. Fully benchmarked service - we employ a full project management framework using DMAIC to sign off every stage with your company board.
  3. Enhanced employee culture for continuous improvement.
  4. Improvements to Quality, Cost & Delivery.
  5. Implementation of key performance indicators or the refinement of existing measures.
  6. Providing you with essential Lean tools such as 5S, SOPs, SMED, OEE, skill control, kaizen, problem solving, error proofing and more to allow you to sustain this momentum long into the future.

To find out more, please contact us or Turnbull Management, quoting "PDS".

Consultancy Services

Bott Catalogue Equipment

Bott catalogue equipment has one of the best reputations around for providing high quality mobile & static benching and storage solutions for every workplace possible. Teamed in a partner dealership with Production design & supply who can provide product knowledge, advice and any planning assistance that may be required when deciding on your new production line or updating lines or cells.

We can provide 3D visual aids to help in the planning and decision making...

“To meet the requirements of ever changing legislation, bott is committed to an ongoing program of continuous product development. Where appropriate products cannot be sourced from our extensive range, bespoke designs can also be offered for unique storage & workplace needs.”

Bott Catalogue Equipment

Bott Workstations and Benches

Bott workbenches are robust and practical, ergonomic and flexible.

A wide range of product variants gives the freedom to configure workbench solutions to your personal specification. Tailor-made workbenches are indispensable additions to any workplace. If your application requires a specialist solution please contact us for further information. Bott has an in-house design department that can create bespoke solutions.

Bott offers a wide selection of worktops, each suiting different applications - these include ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) options and accessories for use with electrostatic sensitive components and assemblies.

Bott cabinets compliment the workbench range providing extra secure storage.

An extensive line of accessories complete the Bott workbench range - these include perfo and louvre panels, plastic bins, adjustable shelves and vices.

Bott Workstations and Benches

Bott APS Modular Workstations

Production Design & supply are exclusive agents for the Bott Workstation Systems APS Range, which has been developed to allow custom configuration of your workspace using modular components.

Flexibility, Modularity, Functionality, Ergononmy are all advantages of using the APS workstation system, allowing you to fully maximise the potential in your working environment.

This range consists of assembly workbenches, workstations, rollertrack and trolleys. These workstations can be height adjustable, by either a manual hand crank or electric motor. There are a comprehensive range of APS accessories available, these include, light rails, compressed air supply equipment, tool balancers, louved panels, power ducts

Rollertrack and ball transfer tables are a key part of the APS system and allow for a quick and efficient setup of assembly or packing lines to maximise the efficiency and minimise handling of products and equipment to ensure your process is as lean as possible.

The Bott Workstations & modular packing solutions also have a choice of worktop to suit your individual needs, the range includes ESD (electrostatic Discharge) versions and accessories for use with electrostatic sensitive components and assemblies.

To view the Bott Workstation system APS 2009 please click below to be directed to our contact us page and type in your request in the enquiry box:

Bott APS Modular Workstations

Bott Drawer Cabinets

Bott drawer cabinets offer an amazing amount of storage space. They provide clean, safe and well-organised storage for all your tools and equipment, achieving a neat and efficient working environment.

Available in 7 plan areas and various heights, bott drawer cabinets are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Choose from our extensive drawer cabinet range, all of which have a wide selection of available accessories. These include highly flexible drawer dividing solutions to compliment your choice of cabinet and suit your individual storage needs.

  • Robust sheet-steel construction
  • Aluminium handles with labels and transparent cover strips
  • Central locking system
  • Custom master key locking systems available on request
  • User defined configurations are possible at any time
  • Forklift base can be retrofitted
  • Encourages correct, safe handling procedures for heavier items
Bott Drawer Cabinets

Bott Storage Systems

Cupboards & Cabinets
Bott storage cupboards are available in a number of types and sizes to suit most requirements. All are manufactured to international quality standards ISO9001:2000, ensuring years of reliable service. Various cupboard door options are available including roller shutters and Makrolon polycarbonate windows. This range of cupboards provide a safe, well-organised and clean storage location for a wide range of tools and equipment. Depending on your requirements, a range of heavy duty cupboards are also available.

Bott combined drawer and shelving system offers optimum storage capacity in limited spaces. Reduced costs and maximum storage space are achieved due to the almost limitless flexibility of the system.

  • Use freestanding, back to back or against walls
  • Minimum floor space requirement
  • Modular design allows full build flexibility. Expand or reconfigure as needs change
  • High storage capacity especially with drawer stack options
  • Drawers are fully divisible and lockable
  • Lockable doors and cladding panels allow fully enclosed sections
  • Static and sliding shelves, internal and external drawers. Choose the ideal storage method for any item
  • Master locking options

Perfo & Louvre Panel System
The Perfo panel system is designed for space saving, open plan storage. Tools and components can be stored on readily accessible wall storage panels or storage products and a specific location can be provided for every item providing instant identification of any items which are missing.

At the core of the perfo panel range are simple storage panels. Perfo panels and louvre panels provide a highly economic means of wall storage. Storage cupboards, wall cabinets and trolleys provide further options.

A huge selection of hooks and clips are available, ensuring that the best possible use is made of valuable space. Plastic bins compliment the louvre panels in this range and are available in various sizes and colours to allow optimum storage and coding of contents.

Drawer Dividers & Accessories
Bott’s extensive range of drawer accessories is ideal for parts organisation. Available to suit all single drawers within bott drawer cabinets, workbenches, storage cupboards and shelving systems, as well as the CNC range. The various dividing options are easy to integrate and assemble and can be adapted to your requirements.

  • Slotted dividers
  • Cross dividers
  • Small parts storage box - ESD (electrostatic discharge) version also available
  • Plastic trough blocks - ESD (electrostatic discharge) version also available
  • Variable troughs
  • Prism racks
  • Milling cutter holders
  • Tool holder insert
  • Plastic clip holder
  • Suspended file frame
  • Inserts and mats
  • Ready made kits available to suit chosen drawers

Tool Chests & Aluminium Transport Cases
Bott storage cases are ideal portable units for field use. They ensure safe, orderly storage and transportation of tools, equipment and many other items.

Bott storage cases are made from robust steel or light weight aluminium depending on your requirements. All Bott storage cases are lockable to ensure security

Bott aluminium transport and storage containers are manufactured from aluminium which gives an excellent strength from a light-weight material. These are ideal for transportation and storage of valuable or delicate items where weight is an issue, such as air freight.

Bott steel tool chests are manufactured in heavy gauge steel, providing a heavy duty tool chest suited to the professional environment.

Bott service cases are ideal for the transportation and storage of small components and are built to a high specification ensuring a reliable service in any environment. Compartment boxes can divide up the case and can be individually removed. They are available in various sizes to accommodate individual needs. 

Bott Storage Systems

Bott Mobile Equipmen

tThe Bott mobile equipment is practical and highly versatile, and whether you need a mobile drawer cabinet or mobile workbench the units in the range can be used in all areas. Having been specially designed with safety in mind, the Bott mobile system is reliably robust with a high load capacity.

Many work tasks require tools and components to be easily transported to different areas within the workplace, to meet these requirements, Bott mobile workbenches and storage cabinets have been designed to suit many applications.

All Bott mobile units are mounted onto a high quality, rubber tyre, castor set and are designed with inbuilt safety features. All drawers feature trigger locks, and every unit is lockable to ensure both safety and security. Drawers may utilise the full range of division accessories, optimising the space efficient storage capacity of all Bott products.

To view the Bott Mobile equipment brochure 2009 please click below to be directed to our contact us page and type in your request in the enquiry box:

Bott Mobile Equipmen

Bott Quickship

Allowing a complete workshop to be assembled within 24 hours, the Quickship range of equipment offers immediate access to Bott products.

If time is of the essence use our Quickship range. Products normally available next working day. In order to take advantage of this 24hr delivery service, we must receive the order by 11 am.

A surcharge is levied on all Quickship orders to cover additional packaging and overnight third party delivery.

Please contact us for further information:

Bott Quickship is basically a microcosm of the Bott range and offers a selection of our standard products. This includes:

  • Workbenches
  • Perfo and louvre panels
  • Perfo wall, perfo cupboard, perfo trolley
  • A selection of plastic bins
  • Flammable storage
  • Industrial cupboards
  • Drawer cabinet
  • Tool boxes
  • Chairs
  • Mobile equipment
Bott Quickship

Gigant Catalogue Equipment

The Gigant workplace catalogue is filled with everything you will need for your workplace. A practical tool when designing well-suited and ergonomically correct working environments.

We offer over five thousand high quality products and provide high delivery assurance and short lead times.

We are ready to help you design complete ergonomic workplace solutions and are on hand to provide good advice and personal service. If you need help to assemble the products, we can also take care of that.

Gigant Catalogue Equipment

Gigant Furniture

Our Gigant Furniture range includes the following:

  • Computer accessories
  • SD-accessories
  • Garage Creepers
  • Lift column
  • Office/lunchroom fittings
  • Screens
  • System Cube
  • Tool panels & hooks
  • Tool trolleys
  • Work Chairs
  • Work tables (Manually adjustable/Mechanical/motor driven/Packing tables/Roller tables) Workplace lighting
  • Workstation Mats
Gigant Furniture

Gigant Storage

Our Gigant Storage range includes the following:

  • Bin cupboards
  • Lockers
  • NC-trolleys
  • Pallet containers
  • Pallet Rack
  • Shelf stands
  • Small part storage (bins/boxes/cabinets/cases/boxes)* Storage cabinets (fire protected)
  • Tool bags
  • Tool boxes
  • Tool drawers
  • Transport boxes
  • Vehicle fittings
  • Workshop cabinets
Gigant Storage

Gigant Lifting Equipment

Our Gigant Lifting Equipment range includes the following:

  • Air hoists
  • Balance block
  • Block trolleys
  • Chain & forged chain
  • Electric telphers
  • Electric winches
  • Fastening strap
  • High-speed pulley block* Hoist block
  • Jacks
  • Lever lifting block
  • Lift tables & lift trolleys
  • Plate grips
  • Soft lining devices
  • Tripod stands
  • Workshop cranes
Gigant Lifting Equipment

Gigant Transport

Our Gigant Transport Equipment range includes the following:

  • Board & plate trolleys
  • Gas cylinder barrow
  • Hand pallet trucks
  • Picking trolleys
  • Roller block
  • Roller container
  • Roller conveyors* Scooter
  • Shelf trolleys
  • Store barrows
  • Strapping equipment
  • Table trolleys
  • Transport castors
  • Wheelbarrows
Gigant Transport

Gigant Environment

Our Gigant Environment range includes the following:

  • Absorbents
  • Drum lifter
  • Drum pallets
  •  Drum stacker
  • Environment floor
  • Protective sumps* Safety cans
  • Sorting at source
  • Storage cabinets (acid/chemical/environment/liquefied petroleum gas)
  • Tip boxes
  • Tip trolleys
  • Waste container
Gigant Environment
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