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Products 4 Automation (P4A) is a specialist supplier of new and innovative control software and hardware solutions to the UK market. Product ranges available from P4A include:

  • touch-screen HMI’s
  • flat panel PCs
  • SCADA software and plug-ins
  • SCADA enabled hardware
  • Alarm plug-in software for large automation systems
  • full range of Production Intelligence software solutions

The main driving force behind Products 4 Automation is Paul Hurst (formerly MD of Citect UK). With many years experience in the sector Paul is committed to providing:

  • high quality products
  • great prices
  • excellent customer service

Total Production Management and Intelligence

Production Intelligence software product suite

TPM | Total Production Management

Latest Process Management Software Will Suit Any Size of Production Site

P4A in partnership with the FELTEN Group has introduced the latest version of its ‘Pilot’ process management software to the UK. The key feature of what is a highly developed and powerful software package is it’s flexibility; the Pilot suite can be used to increase production efficiency on just one production line, with no additional IT support, in contrast it is also extensive enough to provide an easily configurable ‘Production Intelligence’ system for an entire manufacturing site, replacing manual systems or indeed expensive and inflexible systems from other vendors.

“The new ‘PILOT Suite’ introduces the concept of ‘Production Intelligence’ to UK industry, it can be tailored to provide improvements in reporting, visualisation, efficiency and control in virtually any process or production situation.”

The people behind this launch will be interesting to anyone in the UK automation software sector; Mr. Werner Felten, CEO of the FELTEN Group and Mr. Paul Hurst, the new MD of products 4 Automation (P4A) was previously the MD of Citect UK.

The combination of what Felten describes as “the functional part of SCADA and MES systems, but developed so that it is so flexible and easy to configure that it can be applied to virtually any process situation”, and what Hurst describes as “The best opportunity to solve production problems and improve efficiency that has been launched in the UK in the last ten years”.

Total Production Management and Intelligence

Win911 Alerts

WIN-911 is real-time Alarm Notification Software that works with your existing control software or SCADA system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions. With WIN-911, your operators can concentrate on other tasks while your computer system does the monitoring.

Applications Include:

Water & Wastewater Facilities, Power Plants, Military Facilities, Automotive, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Building Management & Security, and Oil & Gas Monitoring.

SMS Mobile-to-Mobile

To provide the most secure, reliable and timely notification option, WIN-911/basic gives you SMS 1-Way text messaging. This method does not require an internet or email connection. Just select a standard GSM modem and a text messaging plan from your local wireless carrier.

SMS 1-Way is featured with all WIN-911/Basic software installations. This allows SMS Text alarm messaging to be sent to all “on duty” users with a basic cell phone. It also gives notification when alarms have been acknowledged.

Text notification on alarms

“On Demand” list of alarms which have been acknowledged, but are still in the alarm condition
Health Status
Way Manual Text messaging available in the WIN-911 alarm monitor

Wireless & Email Notification

Support for Email using SMTP service or Alphanumeric Pagers using TAP protocol are also supported.

This connection to your SCADA Database is the most advanced in the industry. Stand-alone and Distributed installations are supported.

WIN-911 Direct Connect

This offers the most seamless and powerful connection available
Your SCADA system determines the alarm
WIN-911 does the remote alarm notification
User can acknowledge the alarms in your SCADA database locally or by phone

WIN-911 Direct Connect supports Rockwell (RSView32, FactoryTalk View SE and FactoryTalk), GE Fanuc Proficy (iFIX) andWonderware InTouch – SCADA products. (See separate datasheet for FactoryTalk.)

Other Connections

OPC: Operating as an OPC Client, WIN-911 is compatible with any OPC server that supports Data Access Version 1.0 and 2.0. Network connections are supported
Microsoft DDE: The generic DDE connection is still available for other Windows applications that can be configured as a DDE Server

SCADA Database Import

Import your existing SCADA Database or data from OPC Servers using WIN-911’s Import Browser
Select the data tags you want to include in WIN-911
The Database Import Utility will instantly build a WIN-911 configuration
Simply enter your pager and phone numbers, e-mail addresses, assign duty schedules and groups
You’re done in just minutes
Or, Rockwell Software users may want to use the new Filter Tags.You may configure “filter tags” which are selected from the Alarm Database and brought into WIN-911 for remote notification on-the-fly.

Win911 Alerts

Panasonic Touch Terminals

The GN series – an open and flexible solution

The GN series was designed to leave no wish unfulfilled. Standard interfaces include RS232, one USB on the front (except for GN07) and two on the back, as well as two LAN connectors. Optionally, an RS485 interface can be added to the devices, or they can be integrated into various fieldbus systems with the help of additional connectors. With so many connectivity options available, the GN series lends itself to a broad spectrum of applications.

Non-proprietary programming system
Powerful hardware architecture (Intel Atom)
Flexibility provided by numerous ports
No software commitment or proprietary bus system
Gigabit LAN

Through mode

Through mode is common to all Panasonic touch panels and simplifies communication with our PLCs. You can easily access the connected PLC via the GN panel. Through mode requires no special settings and is always in standby mode.

(planned 2nd quarter of 2010).

Multi-language functionality

Using the multi-language function, you can effortlessly change languages for your projects. UTF-16 coding even allows for Asian and Arabic characters.

Text is managed in a string table within the project and can be copied & pasted directly from MS Excel, for example.

Vivid colours display

Embedded in an elegant black frame, the TFT screens offer a brilliant, vivid and life-like display in 262,000 colours. The GN series boasts an IP65 degree of protection from the front, and its analog-resistance screen responds flawlessly to the touch. Moreover, with a resolution of up to 1024×768 pixels and a brightness of 400cd/m2 (max.), you will never be left in the dark.
Powerful screen creation tool with SCADA functionality


Panasonic provides the most powerful HMI platform for Windows CE today: Movicon 11. Comprehensive projects, wholly capable of satisfying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without foregoing the potential of the SCADA system can be created with the development tool. Our GN series offers the complete flexibility by using Movicon CE runtime:

Alarm management
Multiple drivers
Integrated VBA logic
Built-in Web client
Security concept
Data loggers and recipes on database
Extensive graphic library

Panasonic Touch Terminals

SCADA Systems

Products 4 Automation (P4A) is set to revolutionise the UK SCADA market with software from leading Italian market provider Progea; offering both improved functionality and greatly reduced cost. The Movicon 11.2 SCADA package costs on average 50% less than equivalent systems from competitive suppliers, whilst offering comparable or superior levels of functionality, scaleability and connectivity.

Movicon™ 11.2 is the first and the only SCADA/HMI platform completely based on XML and Web Services technologies, from Windows 7™ to Windows CE™.
The new low cost PC based SCADA HMI

50% cheaper on average than competitor products
Free development software and no yearly system integrator costs
Free local telephone support line
Range consists of Movicon HMI SCADA, Movicon CE and Movicon Building Automation

SCADA Systems

Monitouch HMI - The Power of SCADA at HMI Prices

Products 4 Automation combines the best industrial PC technology with the best SCADA HMI software to provide what we believe to be the most advanced feature packed HMi available today.

The new low cost PC based HMI range - What you get for £1,775 Model HMi 500


  • 15″ touch screen flat panel PC
  • Atom processor
  • 1gbyte RAM
  • 160 Gbye HDD
  • Serial/USB/Ethernet ports


  • XP embedded
  • HMi 500 (up to 512 I/O)
  • Full SCADA functionality
  • Any 2 PLC drivers(Full Movicon driver list)
  • Web client enabled (No need to upgrade to networking. Simply connect a web client for remote access)
Monitouch HMI - The Power of SCADA at HMI Prices

Industrial PCs

1. Industrial PC’s with or without touch screens

Intel ATOM, Core 2 Duo and I3 processors
HDD or SSD drives
Memory from 1Gbyte upwards
Screen sizes from 8” to 22”
Stainless Steel optional
Expansion slots – PCI or PCI Express

2. Industrial Monitors

Screen sizes from 12” to 22”

3. Low cost Vision Series

Intel ATOM processor
HDD or SSD drives
Memory from 1Gbyte upwards
Screen sizes from 8” to 19”

4. ELO Desk Top Monitors

Desk Top or Open Frame
Screen sizes from 12” to 22”

5. Monitor Accessories

6. Microbox PC’s

7. Full range of industrial Keyboards

Industrial PCs

Movicon BA Edition, the Scada/HMI for Building Automation

Progea has designed a special Movicon 11 product version especially for the Building Automation sector including Facilities and Domotics.

Integrated Building Management

The ever-increasing demand for Building Automation and domotics prompted Progea to create a special poduct line for this sector. The Movicon™ BA software is more capable of making your building supervision the most powerful, open and scalable than any other software around.

Movicon™ BA is Progea’s supervision solution for intelligent buildings. Progea is a major leading expert company in supervision and control software systems (Scada/HMI). Movicon™ BA offers all the great advantages of ‘Open’ software for integration and visualization of automation systems for modern buildings, whether residential, industrial, services or big communities. Movicon™BA provides all the advantages of modern software with very flexible solutions. Great experience matured through years of success, has allowed Progea to deliver solutions to all those who demand an integrated system using an all-in-one, powerful, open, visualization and control software.

One open solution

Movicon™ BA guarantees all the openness needed in integrating all building management systems into the one same supervision project. Just the one project guaranteed to save time and resources, while increasing supervision and control potentialities at the same time.

The Movicon™ BA platform technology is completely based on the XML standard. In one-only visualization you can finally connect control buses, lights, heating and air conditioning systems, security systems, video surveillance, energy saving systems and any other devices commonly used in the building management environment.

Deployment flexibility

Thanks to the Movicon™ BA flexibilitiness, you can integrate your systems into any type of architecture, such as Desktop PCs, Media Centers, Tablet PC (Win32 or Win64), Touch Panel (WinXPE or WinCE), Palm tops or SmartPhones (Windows Mobile), or access your system through the web using any internet Browser or java phone from wherever you may happen to be in the world. There are no limits to the visualization solutions you can use to get everything under your control.

Movicon BA Edition, the Scada/HMI for Building Automation
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