Laboratory and scientific analytical and precision balances. For measuring milligram /mg levels at the highest accuracy.

Analytical balance or microbalance are weighing scales capable of weighing with a precision of greater than 0.1mg. A precision balances typically weigh to a precision of 1mg or less.

Industrial Weighing Solutions

Industrial weighing scales to buy in UK and Europe. Including pallet scales, pallet truck scales and platform scales used for weighing and counting. Please note some of these inductrial scales require a seperate digital readout and may require a ramp.

Devices can be calibrated and validated if of EU type specification.

Balance Calibration Weights

Weights for the use of adjusting and testing, calibration of electronic balances and scales. Calibration weights and test weights come in the following grades, OIML M3, M2, M1, F2, F1, E2, E1. OIML is the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OMIL from the French Organisation Internationale de M├ętrologie L├ęgale).

School Balances and Scales

High quality, low cost bench scales for use in the classroom.

Anti Vibration Weighing Table

Accurate measuring results require stable working conditions!'s weighing table has been constructed to absorb vibrations and oscillations, which would otherwise distort the weighing result.


Polished marble plate (49 kg) as integrated working surface, positioned on absorbing rubber components
Work table with aluminium profile frame and height-adjustable feet

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