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We use high quality feeding units for sorting and processing fasteners in automatic manufacturing. They are positioned correctly and fed into the piece head.

Feeding units feature a switch cabinet, feeding unit and sorting unit and have a combined electronic control. Feeding units are based upon an innovative SPS and ensure the accurate insertion of fasteners. This procedure promise interface communication with the press control.

Rivet Studs

Rivet studs are suited to thicker panel greatness and ideal for shearing loads. Based upon original standard components, we design and manufacture rivet studs for customer's particular requirements.

If the design needs any special solutions or elements, we use the relevant technology to implement them. This can include the integration of nuts and bolts for earth connections, cap nuts and a range of bolts and bushes.

Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts are ideal for use with static and impact load applications. Rivet nuts are round and require little space to provide optimum, dynamic performance.

We have a selection of rivet nuts available including narrow bodied nuts, rectangular nuts, round nuts, and shoulder nuts.

Pierce Studs

Pierce studs are easy installed within an application in one simple step and have a high performing load capacity in pull and push directions.

Pierce studs can have flange, ball pin and these combined features.

Pierce Nuts

Pierce nuts have a simple, one-step installation process and are suitable for quasi-static loads. They also have an outstanding cost benefit ratio.

Pierce nuts are based upon basic elements and then tailored with specific elements or solutions to suit their requirement. They can integrate hinge bolts, centring bolts and bearing bolts.

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