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ProfilGruppen markets, develops and manufactures customised aluminium extrusions and processed components. We can assist with everything from ideas and design to production and further processing. We enjoy working closely with our customers from the early stages of new projects to come up with the most cost effective solution. Our European sales team is at your disposal as well as modern production facilities located in Sweden.

We have our in-house resources for:

  • Extrusion - design, development, manufacture
  • Machining - a range of multi-axis CNC machines and robot cells
  • Fabrication - various types of bending, forming and also Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
  • Surface treatment - long length and short piece anodising in a range of colours

Aluminium Fabrication

We are involved in developing new methods of aluminium fabrication and technologies. To ensure levels of quality, a continuous programme of quality work is undertaken in the company.

We are certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949. We provide our aluminium fabrication to the automotive, electronics, and interior design industries.

Aluminium Fabrication

Surface Treatment

We provide a vast number of aluminium surface treatments to meet your requirements. Being a highly versatile metal, we have been able to design and fabricate many useful products using anodised aluminium.

Advantage of surface treatment include:

  • Protects against corrosion and wear
  • Produces decorative surfaces
  • Prolongs that "new" look
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements
  • Good surface for adhesives, printing and painting
Surface Treatment

Aluminium for the Automotive Industry

We supply aluminium extrusion and component for the automotive trade. We have a long history with the industry and are able to meet the stringent requirements and tolerances needed to have the right automotive parts. We work the conceptual design stages all the way through fabrication to create essential products for the automotive industry.

Aluminium  for the Automotive Industry

Aluminium for the Electronics Industry

Companies throughout the electronics industry have turned to us to create profitable optimisation solutions for their products. We have been focused on designing and fabricating new ways to improve the colling profiles of products.

Our aluminium extrusions and components for the electronics industry have created products focused on simplicity, functionality and environmental friendliness.

Aluminium  for the Electronics Industry

Aluminium for the Interior Design Industry

We have helped to create and manufacture more ergonomic office chairs and equipment. Our aluminium extrusions and components for the interior design industry have helped to revolutionise the market. Our approach to the process is to increase functionality and design.

Aluminium for the Interior Design Industry

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