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We provide a comprehensive, colourful and exciting range of personalised sweets for promotion. Personalised sweets are an attractive and fun way to offer incentives and promote any event or organisation.

Messages and logos can be incorporated into personalised sweets and designed in a unique range of colours and flavours.

We are exceptionally proud of the personalised sweets and candy we produce and are always keen to discuss projects with potential clients and help you choice the best schemes and packaging to help gain the full sweet potential.  

Rock Sweets, Personalised Rock And Promotional Candy

As a promotional giveaway or as a way of attracting clientele, our custom-made rock sweets, personalised rock and promotional candy can incorporate your name, message or logo in your corporate colours and choice of delicious flavour.

Sectors such as restaurants, hotels, colleges, football clubs, beauty salons and financial organisations regularly order personalised promotional candy for reception and meeting rooms.

All our promotional candy is created to the highest standard, with your message reproduced in superb clarity and combining the most up to date manufacturing equipment available in our industry. We create our rock sweets, personalised rock and promotional candy with outstanding artistic flair and we think our confectioners and personalised candy are the best there is.

Rock Sweets, Personalised Rock And Promotional Candy

Celebration Rock Sweets

Our celebration rock sweets are perfect for a variety of occasions and events and can be the key to any successful promotion. 

Our creations include:

  • Sweets for any occasion – Wedding, Birthday, Thank You, and I Love You sweets always in stock
  • Merry Christmas and Snowman festive sweets make ideal gifts or brighten your Christmas table
  • Packed into airtight plastic jars of approximately 100 sweets
  • Each jar is packed into a quality cardboard box for posting
  • Sweets are delicious fruity or minty flavours

Each jar of 100 sweets costs £8.50 + V.A.T. Postage within the UK is £3.64. Total cost including V.A.T. is £13.42. You can order on line or email for larger quantities and we accept Credit Cards or Paypal for our celebration rock sweets.

Celebration Rock Sweets

Mini Rock Sweets

We provide a range of mini rock sweets to create the best-ever edible publicity.

Our range includes:

  • Same great quality and taste as our traditional rock sweets, but mini rock sweets give you more for your money
  • Minimum order 10,000 pieces. See our price guide for batch sizes and costs
  • Individually ‘flow’ wrapped, packed in bags of 500
  • Up to 18 capital letters in each sweet
  • Choose up to two colours on the outer casing, white stripes between your colours at no extra cost
  • Choice of over 30 mouth watering flavours
  • Sugar Free option available
  • Easy to order
Mini Rock Sweets

Rock Bars The Traditional Favourite

Rock Bars, the traditional favourite, is available for a range of publicity opportunities.

Our rock bars are the traditional favourite and:

  • We produce two standard sizes – 12cm x 2cm bars and 15cm x 3cm bars
  • As few as 100 bars can be ordered. See our price guide for batch sizes and costs
  • Personalised labels can be inserted to provide extra advertising space
  • Up to 20 letters, possibly even more, running all the way through each bar
  • You may have up to six colours on the outer casing at no extra cost
  • Choose from over 30 delicious flavours
  • Sugar Free option available
  • Easy to order
Rock Bars The Traditional Favourite


Our extensive range of personalised lollipops can be ordered online and if you have any queries check out the FAQ pages on our website.

Our lollipops include: 

  • Minimum order only 500 lollipops
  • Flat lollipop, 50mm x 10mm
  • Individually wrapped and 'clip' sealed around the stick
  • Up to 20 letters in each lollipop, though we are capable of up to 25 letters depending on the batch size
  • Lettering must curve around the top edge of the lollipop to allow for the stick to be inserted
  • Choose up to four colours on the outer casing at no extra cost
  • Choice of over 30 mouth watering flavours
  • Sugar Free option available

Jars, Tins And Packets

Our jars, tins and packets offer the most attractive range of packaging options for personalised sweets and really help to complete the look and feel of gifts and incentives.

Our jar, tins and packets benefits include:

  • Package your sweets to make an attractive gift
  • We have a selection of quality glass jars always in stock
  • Travel tins can be filled with personalised traditional sweets or mini sweets
  • Heat sealed cellophane bags of up to 20 wrapped sweets, traditional or mini sweets
  • Why not enhance your gift with a personalised adhesive label
  • Ordering is simple, let us know how many jars, tins or packets you require and we’ll give you the best option and of course the best prices
  • Fast turnaround as all our items are in stock
Jars, Tins And Packets
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