Promtek Ltd

  • Struggling to capture and process all the information that your Quality Manager or Technical team need?
  • Constantly preparing for, or undergoing audits from regulators, industry representatives, customers and internal auditors?
  • Running out of space to store all your paperwork, but scared to shred it in case you need it?
  • Sales forecasts are optimistic, but you are not sure if you have the capacity?
  • Production process is automated by a mixture of technologies and suppliers, and getting them to co-operate is hard work and costly?

Promtek Limited can help streamline your manufacturing process and shoulder the burden of maintaining an automated plant. Our products and services help customers to automate manufacturing and capture data from any control system or PLC technology. We can offer complete turnkey solutions to customers who are automating for the first time, or we can adopt an automated system and develop it further.

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