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Proquip Direct Limited was established in 1997 to provide specialist pumps, technical support and after-service to the evolving market in borehole water extraction and geothermal pumping systems.

At Proquip we have expanded our product range and technical expertise in step with these advances, emerging today as a leading supplier of 'down-hole' equipment for water extraction and geothermal open loop systems.


Submersible Borehole Pumps

Our submersible borehole pumps range from 3” to 12”, with flows from 1 to 450m3/hr.

Proquip Direct supply a range of fixed speed and constant pressure borehole and submersible water pumps.

Our product range includes borehole submersible pumps from E-Tech, Well Pumps, Nastec and Felsom, with a variety of sizes and options available.

Submersible Borehole Motors

We are a specialist supplier, offering a broad range of Submersible Borehole Pump Motors up to 300kW. These can be made from a variety of materials and electrical configurations.

We hold a very large range of Submersible Borehole Pump Motors held in stock  from Franklin and Saer:

Borehole Flexible Rising Main

The Boreline Flexible Rising Main offers you a simple, safe and efficient way to install submersible pumps. They have been used successfully in 1000s of world wide installations.

They give you a greater cost saving over the product life and greater hydraulic performance over traditional poly pipe/PVC, steel or fibre glass riser pipes.

Supplied in sizes ranging from 1" to 8" continuous lengths of up to 200m, with a wide range of accessories available including Positive Grip Couplings, Wellhead Clamps and Installation Rollers.

For a more detailed overview of the features, benefits, applications and installations of the Boreline Flexible Rising Main visit our website.

I-GON Iron Bacteria Cleaner

Removing pumping equipment from boreholes can be a horrendous task when everything comes out of the ground covered in a pungent orange iron oxide slime or black manganese deposit. Naturally occurring bacteria (IRB) convert dissolved minerals into these solids which are not only unpleasant for the operatives but, more importantly, signify a system that is gradually becoming blocked and inefficient and costing money.



Franklin Borehole Pumps

Proquip Direct offer a range of submersible motors for borehole pumps from Franklin Electric. Franklin products are delivered from decades of experience, and offer reliable and high-performing results.

Our selection of Franklin submersible motors can be applied to any groundwater and submerged pressure pumping applications. Produced to last, they are tough and durable, and are available in a range of different options. See below for 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” motor models.


There’s every pressure to get your wellheads right, but the reality is they can be a hassle. 
Borehole installations at the surface present very differently, meaning off-the-shelf products don’t always guarantee a perfect fit. And it can be time-consuming and tricky to get a firm interface and good seal when making up solutions on site. 
Now you can assure hard-wearing, hygienic and compliant protection of your wellhead for far less than you think, with Proquip’s Wellheads
Compact, robust and purpose-made, they’ll save you time and money while delivering all the quality and performance associated with the Proquip product stable. 
With our mild steel and stainless steel options, plus bespoke wellhead assemblies, Proquip has every size, type of commercial or domestic borehole covered.

Quad 4 Heat Shrink Joint Kits

Three kits available – for 1.5 to 6mm2, 10 to 16mm2 & 25mm2 Power Cables
Specifically designed by Proquip for use in borehole pump installers, the QUAD4 submersible joint kit with its four levels of sealing will ensure a reliable joint of the highest integrity that you will not fail you. Once completed ready for installation within 10 minutes, no overnight curing required. 100m down borehole is not the place to compromise on quality of cost. This is established product with long term proven success.
The four components that make up the system are heat shrink butt connectors, resin hot melt adhesive, PVC tape with rubber based adhesive, polyolefin heat shrink tubing.

Bacterial Test Kits (BART)

Biological Activity Reaction Test kits to identify problematic bacteria in your borehole

The BART biodetector is a simple method for testing for the presence of bacteria in groundwater samples.

GEOVALVE Abstraction and Recharge

The Geovalve® is a dual function valve for controlling abstraction of groundwater from, and re-injection into, an aquifer while maintaining a constant pressure in the system. The compact design makes it ideal for use in tight boreholes where bi-directional flow is required as it only requires a single line for both functions.  The valve provides accurate control of the system pressure so it can also be used simply as an injection valve. The Geovalve® is connected to the discharge of the borehole pump and acts as a non return valve for the off duty pump. The borehole pump must be set at approximately 10 metres below the pumped water level to prevent aeration at the injection point. By injecting water, thus, a positive pressure can be maintained on the complete system. i.e. pipes remain full and no air is allowed into the water.

CCTV Inspection

Clearly, the condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. It’s important, therefore, to check a newly drilled bore to ensure that its design and specification have been met. Similarly, an existing bore should be reviewed periodically – as part of an ongoing maintenance programme – to highlight any latent faults before they develop into major problems or disruptions in supply. Any problems that manifest themselves at other times – perhaps because of a drop-off in performance – also need to be investigated, and the most effective way of performing all these checks is by way of a visual inspection through CCTV.

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Starter Panels/Inverters

A wide range of borehole pump starter panels is available in a number of configurations for single or three phase supply - all are offered with dry-running protection. As well as fixed-speed units, inverter or soft-start panels are also available - or bespoke 'specials' if required.

Open Loop Geothermal Systems

Proquip are ideally placed in the market to service the requirements of open-loop geothermal abstraction and recharge systems, being specialist suppliers of borehole pumping equipment to suit all applications. We can provide the whole pumping plant from the abstraction wells to the recharge wells including borehole pumps, motors, wellheads in stainless steel or coated mild steel, stainless diffusers, flowmeters, control panels with BMS interfaces etc. We are sole UK agents for E-Tech stainless steel borehole pumps, Boreline flexible rising main and the Geovalve but can also supply, install and commission other types of pump & riser where required.

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