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We specialise in premium protection and finishing solutions and offer a range of plastic protectors. We offer a precision designed vented uniplug to provide protection for both the spigot ends and the socket. This type uniplug is usually found on pressure pipes but our plastic protectors are also adaptable for use on PE pipes.

Our extensive range of plastic protectors includes driveshaft protection caps, stud protection caps, flexible pull tab caps, pipe end flexiplugs, and pipe protection caps.


Cable Glands

We have global warehouse facilities allowing us to efficiently supply our selection of plastic products for protection and finishing and offer our clients an extensive service. We stock a range of cable glands and our products can be used in multiple industry sectors including aerospace, hydraulics, automotive, oil and gas, pneumatics, tubular pipeline and electronics.

Our innovative cable glands include Nylon cable glands providing liquid tight and strain relief applications, glands with spiral flex protectors, and hexagonal locknuts with flange or without. Our wide range of cable glands also include threaded blanking plugs, threaded dealing grommets, 'O' rings, and multi-sealing inserts.

Safeguard Components

Our safeguard components consist of sprayout safety steel rings designed to fit over a flange joint and prevent injury from hazardous sprayout.

Safeguard components also include raised face flange protection plugs and sprayout safety rings.

Stainless Steel Sprayout Safety Flange Ring

In greater detail, our stainless steel sprayout safety flange rings are used for high pressure and high temperature applications to prevent injury especially when PP spray shields are unsuited to the design conditions.

Stainless steel sprayout safety flange rings are appropriate in operating temperature up to 1100oC and a maximum operating pressure of 240 bar.

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