Pudsey Mould Co. Ltd.

Pudsey Mould Company was established in 1996, and since this time has become one of the leading glass mould equipment repair and refurbishment companies in the UK.

Our designated onsite CAD/CAM office, allows total control over the “design concept” to “realisation stage” with the minimum of fuss. Coupled with our CNC turning and milling capability, we can offer a cost effective service with quality assurance.

Products and Services
  • I.S Mould Equipment
  • Hartford Mould Equipment
  • Press Mould Equipment
  • Vertiflow Plates
  • Cold End Equipment
  • Mould Repair
  • Mould Refurbishment
  • Neck Ring Repair
  • Trial Units
  • Mould Modification
  • 3D Modelling / Die Sinking
  • Guide Plates
  • Plugs
  • Thimbles
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