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We are one of the largest manufacturers of din rail power supplies worldwide and have a reputation for up to date designs, excellent efficiency and an ability to change with the times. We continually meet the requirements of our clients.

We can help you to radically reduce your energy costs. You could be wasting at 250W using your current power supplies whereas a din rail power supplier that delivers 96 percent efficiency has only a loss of 52W. This could, in the end, save you a massive £174 a year with the addition of dramatically reducing C02 emissions.

DC/DC Converters

There are a range of applications that DC/DC converters can be used for. For example, they can stabilise control voltage in battery powered or mobile applications.

DC/DC converters are suitable for use in ships, forklifts and for galvanic isolation to avoid earth loops. It can also restore the 24V control voltage at the end of long cable runs and compensate voltage drops.

AC/DC Converters

We have a wide range of AC/DC converters to be used for a variety of applications.

They vary between models such as SL30.300 that has a 400-500v input, 92.5 percent efficiency and output power between 00C and 70o Celsius on the spring clamp terminals like model CS5.421-S1. This AC/DC converter has an auto select input, a low input inrush current and high power reserves. 


Our UPS power supplies come in a range of models to suit your requirements including the UB10.241 that requires only one 12V battery, stable output voltage in buffer mode, long life battery life and a quick connect spring clamp terminal.

Our other UPS models include the SLV20.200 that can manage black-outs with no service required and utilises electroyde capacitors.

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