Pulsar Instruments PLC

Pulsar Instruments have been manufacturing Sound Level Meters for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves in producing cost effective, simple to use, accurate instruments that comply with all appropriate British, European Harmonised and International Standards.

We have various products, ranging from basic Type 2 instruments used for spot checks right up to Type 1 Real Time Spectrum Analysers, as well as outdoor measurement kits.

Here at Pulsar, we have a solution to all your noise problems, whether it be for Noise at work, basic spot checks or outdoor noise monitoring, we have an instrument to suit your application.

The sound level meters and noise monitoring equipment from Pulsar Instruments are designed and manufactured in Europe to meet the strict international noise measurement standards. From our low cost sound level meter (or noise meter) to our high specification real time analyser, all the sound level meters are battery powered to give the flexibility required.

The acoustic calibrators give the assurance you need that your instrument is measuring the noise accurately and reliably before you make each measurement.
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