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Here at Pump Express we supply a wide range of bilge pumps. These 12v pumps are completely submersible and have been designed to be compact and corrosion resistant. Our bilge pumps can be opened up for easy cleaning and inspection.

Borehole Pumps

We can supply you with a selection of borehole pumps with options including overload protection, different motors, different cable lengths and flow rates. Our borehole pumps can be used for a variety of water pumping jobs and are available in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Marine Pumps

We have a variety of water transfer and marine pumps available for you to purchase. Most are self priming with varying pressures and flow rates. Our marine pumps are suitable for both fresh and salt water use.  

Centrifugal Pumps

We supply centrifugal pumps with open impellers and flanged or threaded connections. Most of our centrifugal pumps are suitable for industrial, civil, agricultural and domestic use.

Condensate Pump

We can supply you with a condensate pump which has been designed to drain condensation water from air conditioning and heating appliances. The condensate pump functions automatically and has an alarm switch and back pressure valve.

Oil and Fuel Pumps

We have a comprehensive range of electrical oil and fuel pumps available for purchase. Our oil and fuel pumps include gear pumps and self priming pumps. If you are unsure of which pump best suits your requirements our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Diesel Transfer Pumps

We have mains and low voltage diesel transfer pumps in stock which have varying specifications to meet your requirements. We also supply diesel transfer pumps as part of a kit. These pumps are NOT to be used with petrol.

Engine Driven Pumps

We now have a new range of engine driven pumps by Honda. These general purpose engine driven pumps are available with outlet sizes from 1" to 3" and are excellent value for money, yet still give quality performance.

Garden Pond Pumps

If you have a water feature or fish pond that requires a new pump then look no further. We stock and supply a range of garden pond pumps which are excellent quality and reliable. Our garden pond pumps are available to suit a variety of projects and come with next day delivery as standard.

All In One Pump and Tank Solutions

Pump Express have the most flexible and helpful all in one pump and tank solutions.

Whether you are looking to increase your low water pressure or are looking for the most suitable pressure boosting pump, all in one pump and tank solutions by renowned distributor and wholesaler, Pump Express, are extensive and cover a full spectrum of products and requirements. There are a range of models to choose from including:

  • Compact storage tank and pressurisation unit
  • Variable speed 100L water power tank
  • Fixed speed 250L water power tank

Water Pressure Boosting Pumps

Pump Express distribute and wholesale a selection of water pressure boosting pumps.

The range is extensive and includes pumps for entire house boosting complete with controllers which automatically enhance the pressure of poor water supplies. Included in this impressive range of water pressure boosting pumps is:

  • 2CRM80 with LF150 flow switch
  • PQAM60 Periperal Pump with Brio and Potable Vessel
  • Hydrofresh Automatic Pressurisation Unit

For unbeatable performance and control, how about the Twin 4CR with Steadypres Invertor Set, which combines the stainless steel three phase 4CR80 Pump with the brand new Steadypres Energy Saving variable speed pump controller.

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