Puresil Technologies Ltd


High-Quality  "High-Purity"  Polymers -  From Start to Finish

Available:  Pre-packaged and Gamma Irradiated "Ready to Use" 

Our Range of Single Use - Disposable Items Include:

Sampling Manifolds up to 2" I/D with single & Multiple legs
Silicone sampling valves
Media Bag containment systems and Tubing Rigs.
Bottle Top Assemblies and Bottle Stoppers.
Pump tubing's with Fully Moulded Tri-clover Flanged end connections.
WFI Flexible Transfer hoses and Tubing 
Aseptic Tubing Sets and Transfer Systems
Sterile Transfer and Containment Systems.
Non-Metallic Flow control and tubing closure Clamps.
High Purity Custom Moulded components.
Gore Tubing's with Moulded sterile ends
Free Technical and Design Assistance:

Available in Platinum cured Silicone, C-Flex and Santoprene Materials.

Class 1000 Clean room production facilities

All Materials conform to USP23 Class V1, E.U. Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9, & FDA. Criteria's

"Let Puresil be a part of your Solutions"

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