QD Plastics (Glasgow) Ltd


We have over 40 years of experience in the plastics industry and its related services such as shop fitting and sign making.

With our shop fitting and sign making, we create hand-crafted products, finished to the highest quality. This incredibly high level of service runs throughout our business.

Interior Design, Architectural and Lighting

Our extensive and market leading products and services cover interior design, architectural and lighting.

With our interior design, architectural and lighting services, we focus on design and quality rather than the more common approach based around the mass production market.

Exhibition, Gallery, Art and Display Products

Some of our most significant areas of expertise are with exhibition, gallery, art and display products.

A high quality range of both our own and customer designed PERSPEX display products are used worldwide within exhibitions, art gallery and museums, film and television set design, art commissions and corporate awards.

With our exhibition, gallery, art and display products, we bring imagination to life.

Marine Products

With our marine products and production capabilities, we are able to form some of the largest boat screens in Europe.

Our marine products cater for some of the most demanding marine applications. We manufacture rudder bearings and fluid tanks to fit specific craft on a one-off basis if required.

Industrial Plastics

We have the leading skills and knowledge in the field of technical and industrial plastics.

Now that qualification and accreditation is stricter, we have become one of only a few industrial plastics fabrication firms in the UK to have our plastic welders trained and accredited to EN 13067.

Plastic Materials

We supply a comprehensive and all-application encompassing variety of plastic materials. Our position ahead of many other plastic fabrication firms comes from our advanced accreditation and long list of products available.

We provide:

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