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We are a specialist company supplying patient warming products and solutions including the warming of patients, fluids and blankets.

Our patient warming products include a wide selection of heated blankets and mattresses for direct warming as a cost effective alternative to forced air warming products. We have a range of heated cabinets for fluids, blankets and contrast media.

In addition to our adult patient warming range we also offer neonate baby warming blankets and cot mattresses.

Patient warming is essential and mandatory in almost all surgical procedures where the period of anaesthesia is in excess of 30 minutes. The reason for this is that the body core temperature can drop by up to about 1.5 degrees in this time and this hypothermia can lead to all sorts of additional, and usually fully preventable, complications.

Fluid Warming Cabinets

For many years we have been manufacturing fluid warming cabinets and blanket warming cabinets.

There are several operating theatre sites where space is at a premium and for this reason QED now also offers combined fluid and blanket warmers in several capacity combinations.

All models have medical grade stainless steel chambers for durability. Temperature is controlled using a PID controller linked into an overheat safety thermostat to prevent unwanted overheating.

The fluid compartment is limited to 60°C and the blankets can be warmed up to 90°C.

Fluid Warming Cabinets

Blood Bank Refrigerators

We can offer a wide selection of equipment for blood transfusion laboratories including blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers and platelet incubators.

Our equipment for blood transfusion laboratories also includes reagent and sample storage refrigerators and freezers.

As is required, all our blood fridges, plasma freezers and platelet incubators & agitators are MDD registered.

Within the UK we are able to offer a full installation service including mapping and calibration. Annual and bi-annual maintenance contracts are also offered.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Laboratory Incubators

We have an extensive range of laboratory incubators and these are divided into two sub-types: general purpose laboratory incubators and our superior industrial quality incubators.

Our general purpose laboratory incubators are between capacities of 10 litres and 350 litres and come with adjustable shelves and temperature safety cut outs.

Our superior range of industrial incubators have a more rugged construction and are aimed at industrial laboratories with capacities between 200 and 6000 litres. They can be made to your requirements and have several different configurations.

The range includes moisture extraction incubators to microbiology incubators, basic hot box incubators to models with full microprocessor or programmable controls.

In addition to our standard range we are able to manufacture to bespoke requirements.

Laboratory Incubators

General Purpose Laboratory Ovens

We can supply a wide selection of general purpose laboratory ovens . Made from sheet steel with powder painted exterior and coated ort stainless steel interiors they are good and reliable ovens.

Our general purpose laboratory ovens have fixed shelf runners with removable steel wire shelves. Alternatively they can have adjustable ladder shelf supports so that shelves can be moved to any position. The doors have silicone seals for the best insulation qualities.

General purpose laboratory ovens are available is sizes from 10 to 350 litres. Models with capacities up to 6,000 litres are available in our HDV and HDH industrial oven ranges.

The main features of our general purpose laboratory ovens include:

  • Controlled ovens from 40 degrees centigrade up to a maximum of +200, +250. +275, +300 and +500 degrees centigrade
  • Aluminium coated mild steel or stainless steel interior
  • PID microprocessor controllers
  • Over-temperature safety thermostat with indicator

There are however a range of optional extras including fan assisted circulation, dial thermometer, different timers, programmable controllers and ramp and dwell programmers.

General Purpose Laboratory Ovens

Patient Warming Mattresses

Hospitals are always looking to find better ways to keep patients warm in and around the operating theatre.

The Medwarm patient warming mattresses offer a low cost yet highly effective way to achieve this.

The warming mattress temperature is controlled by a microprocessor controller. There are up to 9 temperature sensors embedded throughout the mattress so that cold and hot spots are eliminated and even heating is guaranteed.

These mattresses do not use hot air, preferring the latest technology in the area of carbon fibre technology.

This leads to a soft and pliable mattress that takes the shape of the patient so increasing the area for effective heat transfer. Mattresses are available with or without 'memory foam' to help reduce pressure sores and come in several sizes from neonate through to adult.

Medwarm heated mattresses can be used in operating theatres as well as on wards such as intensive care to help maintain the core temperature of patients.

Patient Warming Mattresses

Neonate Warming

Premature babies are at risk in several ways. Many of their automatic body functions are not yet fully developed hence the need for intervention and assistance.

One such area is in thermo regulation - ie premature babies and neonates cannot control their body temperature very well.

The Medwarm swaddling blanket is absolutely unique in that it can be used in a cot to wrap around baby and maintain the appropriate core body temperature. However this is not very condusive to developing attachment between baby and mother, especially at feed times.

The unique design of the swaddling blanket not only warms baby or neonate in the cot but also allows baby to be removed from the cot and be cuddled and nursed skin to skin.

Temperature sensors within the swaddling blanket are constantly monitoring the surface temperature and the digital controller uses this information to adjust the carbon fibre heating element temperature as required.

There are two sizes of neonate warming blanket available.

There are two types of controller available - one is for use on the ward and the second has batteries built in so making it suitable for neonate and baby warming when transporting baby between hospitals or just around the hospital.

Neonate Warming

Platelet Incubators

Designed to accept the PS-54 Platelet Agitator, the PN-150 & PN-300 Platelet Incubators have been built to provide long & reliable service. Their rugged construction in stainless steel is combined with high density polyurethane insulation for platelet protection. Efficient cooling and fast temperature recovery to 22°C after door opening optimize this protection.


Multiple alarms include high and low temperature, power failure, temperature sensorfailure and open door, with central alarm and optional NüveWarn™ remote ports. Theactual temperature is still displayed even at power failure. A battery operated chartrecorder provides independent evidence of storage conditions. The optional AlerTextwill send a text message to any mobile phone and NüveBank™ interface and software offer full temperature monitoring.

Platelet Incubators

Neonate warming Cot Mattresses

The neonate cot mattress is inexpensive, unobtrusive and a versatile way to keep babies warm without hindering routine nursing.

The polypropylene cover is easily cleaned using standard hospital disinfectant wipes.

The digital controller allows mattress temperatures up to 39°C to be set with a deviation alarm and overheat protection systems always active.

There are two types of digital controller available - general purpose neonate controller and neonate transport controller.

Neonate warming Cot Mattresses
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