We have been offering vehicle tracking since 2005 and have the benefit of a large customer installed base.

We offer a vehicle, or other mobile asset, tracking system. The entire system has been developed by ourselves and can be easily customised to suit individual bespoke requirements. This allows us to meet the requirements of the most demanding users. With very low operating costs our system will start to save you money within days of installation. This system will save you money.

Vehicle Tracking Features

Qtrail vehicle tracking will provide you with live tracking of your entire vehicle fleet 24 Hours a day. The system can be used from as many PCs as you wish. Vehicle

locations can also be monitored from most web enabled mobile phones.

The system will provide you with tailored reports that fit your company's requirements. These reports can be generated on demand at any time.

The system is not only limited to vehicles, we have experience of fitting the system to assets as diverse as mobile floor cleaners to drilling rigs.

Vehicle Tracking Features

Vehicle Tracking Benefits

  • Reductions in fleet insurance cost
  • Lone worker protection
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Man and vehicle hour efficiency gains
  • Reduced vehicle accident rate
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear
Vehicle Tracking Benefits

The System

The Qtrail system is designed by our own in-house engineers. The vehicle units are manufactured in the UK. The servers that host the Qtrail system are owned and operated at our own in-house server farms. These servers are located at different locations across the UK allowing us to offer multiple redundant systems for the most resilient and secure system possible.

The System

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