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Staffa Motors have the most technically advanced design on the market. We provide a range of hydro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic and electronic control and positional systems from Staffa. They directly propel, drive, swing, or rotate heavy loads and inertias at low speeds.

Staffa motors are used on:

  • plastic injection moulding machines (extruder screw drives)
  • mining machinery (swing, track, wheel, bucket, and cutterhead drives)
  • earthmoving and construction equipment (wheel, track, swing and implement drives)
  • marine machinery (winch and steering mechanisms)
  • forestry machines (swing and cutterhead drives)

Kawasaki Pumps

We stock Kawasaki pumps. They are at the leading edge in the development of hydraulic pump technology, and have been developed specifically for the industrial market where noise, efficiency, controllability, long life and reliability are essential.

Kawasaki pumps feature:

  • high efficiency
  • high power density
  • large self-priming capability
  • long life
  • low noise
Kawasaki Pumps

Moog RKP Pumps

We are proud to offer the RKP range of Radial Piston Pumps. Originally manufactured by Bosch Hydraulics, these pumps are now manufactured by Moog. With these pumps, we offer a full repair and replacement service.

Moog RKP Pumps

HMB Motors

Our HMB motors have a rugged, reliable design. There are built with unique hydrostatic balancing that provides minimum wear and an extended life. They have high volumetric and mechanical efficiency.

Additional features of the HMB motor include:

  • Capacities range from 50 to 11600 cc per rev
  • Large variety of shaft and porting options
  • Output torque up to 36000 Nm
  • Wide range of mounting interfaces available
  • Highly accurate electronic positional and velocity control systems also available
HMB Motors

HMC Motors

The HMC dual displacement motors range extends from the HMC030 in 492cc/rev to the HMC325 in 5326cc/rev. They all provide high torque at low speed. It is smooth running with a wide range of displacements to suit your particular applications.

Addtional features of the HMC motors include:

  • Displacement changes with ease when the motor is running
  • Electro-hydraulic or hydro-mechanical control methods available
  • Various mounting options available
  • Speed sensing options
  • Motor mounted manifold options
HMC Motors

K3VL Pump

The K3VL series pumps are designed for the marine and general industrial machinery. They are perfect where ever a high pressure variable displacement pump is required.

Features of the K3VL pump include:

  • SAE and ISO mount
  • Small installation envelope
  • Through drive
  • SAE and metric ports
  • Side and rear porting
K3VL Pump

K3VG Pump

The K3VG series pumps are made to specifically satisfy the industrial open circuit market where noise, efficiency, controllability and extended pump life are considered to be essential.

The features of the K3VG pump include:

  • Reliable, High Pressure, Long Life Modular Design
  • Low Noise and High Efficiency
  • Self-Compensating Piston Return Mechanism
  • Extensive Range of Highly Responsive Control
K3VG Pump

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