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Microbiological Air Sampling

QM Solutions are the authorised UK & European agents for the Mattson Garvin range of slit to agar air samplers

  • Mattson Garvin: slit to agar sampler
  • Spin Air: portable, compact, sampler

Colony Counters

Quality Measurement Solutions (QM Solutions) are please to announce that they are UK distributors for the IUL innovative range of microbiology products manufactured by IUL Instruments of Spain.

The product range caters for all stages of emuneration in food microbiology from the gravimetric dilution of a sample through to automated and manual colony counting.

  • Flash & Grow: automatic colony counter

Sample Preparation

  • Smart Diluter: New gravimetric diluter from IUL
  • Eddy Jet: Spiral plater from IUL instruments

Media Preparation

QM Solutions can supply media preparators to meet all your requirments

  • Petriswiss PS900 Media Pourer ~ Stacker
  • Proficlave: Media Preparator
  • Dosipump: New Innovative peristaltic pump

Staining Machine

  • Polystainer from IUL

QM Solutions have a complete range of laboratory Fridges & Freezers to meet any requirement you may have.

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