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The Quartz Scientific Glassblowing Company UK is widely recognised as one of the leading laboratory glassware manufacturers in the UK. Located in Rural Buckinghamshire, we have been established since 1975 with our most experienced and loyal glass engineers with us since the beginning.  Our qualified glass engineers have full use of both large and small lathes with areas also designed for bench work. We also have a state of the art CNC machine for precision grinding, cutting and slotting.

Quartz Diffusion Tubes

Quartz Diffusion Tube Manufacturer

Scientific Glassware Supplier

Quartz Scientific is widely recognised as one of the leading innovators in the semiconductor sector of the glass industry, with a combination of know-how, craftsmanship and imagination that has enabled it to create new techniques and improve old ones.

Specialised borosilicate apparatus

Borosilicate glass, also known as hard glass is chemically almost inert.

Our state of the art capabilities combine the quality and careful, personalised attention afforded by old world craftsman's standards together with up-to-the-minute high technology advances in quartz glass product manufacturing to assure you the highest quality products backed by personal service and support.

Quartz Optical Plates

Full range of synthetic and natural quartz optical windows and plates, Plasma torches and holding trays

As leading innovators of laboratory glassware manufacturers we can offer a wide selection of laboratory & scientific research apparatus made specific to the customers' requirements.  The manufacturing of prototypes and short run products from the customers design is a specialised service we provide.

Quartz Optical Plates

Specialised Glassware Equipment

 The manufacturing of prototypes and short run products from customers' drawings is a specialised service which we provide

This special service is highly valued by industrial research and development departments, providing its users with access to unrivalled expertise and experience.

Specialised Glassware Equipment


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