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Quartzelec is a leading independent electrical engineering group delivering solutions and services in the UK and around the world.

An independent, multi-disciplined service provider, we support the industrial, infrastructure, commercial and service sectors with a unique range of contracting and rotating machine services as well as supporting products offered through the Quartzelec group of companies.

Highly respected in the field of rotating machines, we enable asset owners and operators to achieve consistently high performance and maximise availability. Equally, we boast impressive credentials in both high and low voltage installations, maintenance and utility connections.

Installing, supporting and extending the life of rotating machinery frequently requires the use of additional specialist products to enhance their efficient operation, safety and longevity.

Quartzelec and its associated companies Quartzteq GmbH and Quartzcoil, provide several such products which are incorporated into our own support solutions, as well as being available to operators, OEMs and other third parties. These are produced in-house, leveraging our unique design, development and manufacturing expertise and resources.

High Voltage Services

As one of the United Kingdom's leading independent electrical engineering groups, we provide an immense range of high voltage services. Our vast high voltage electrical contracting services are suited to a range of customers in the industrial, infrastructure and commercial sectors.

High voltage services and key capabilities include:

  • Design, supply and installation up to 33kV
  • Third¬†party connections (NERS accredited)
  • Switchgear refurbishment
  • Transformer refurbishment
  • High voltage cable jointing
High Voltage Services

Rotating Electrical Machine Repair

We provide professional, comprehensive rotating electrical machine repair services. Our expert rotating electrical machine repair services extend to the repair of static and rotating mechanical plant, with workshop engineering and on-site diagnosis a key part of the service.

Services include:

  • AC motor rewinds and repairs (from 415V to 22kV)
  • DC motor rewinds and repairs
  • Winding and re-insulation of electric motors
  • Cryogenic de-contamination
  • In-situ installation of replacement components and ancillary equipment
Rotating Electrical Machine Repair

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