Quick Test

Quick Test has designed and manufactured a fantastic user friendly PAT tester, microPAT to make it even easier to carry out PAT testing. The microPAT is suitable both for people with no electrical experience to electricians who just want to get the job done in an efficient professional manner.

The microPAT is a rechargeabl battery powered PAT tester which can carry out 1000’s of tests per charge. This will allow several days of testing without having to re charge. The microPAT features an appliance ‘switched on?’ indicator, this is especially useful when testing appliances where the on off switch position is unclear e.g. On a lamp, The tester can test surge suppressed extension leads, a must in this day & age of sensitive equipment. A calibration checker is built in to the tester to ensure your tester is functioning correctly between formal calibrations.

This feature packed tester is ideal for PAT testing in any environment.

Quick Test Overview