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With our rota management software, you will be able to coordinate and roster home care visits for a number of employees and carers. We can help you create a number of scheduling spreadsheets to aid you as well.

Features of rota management include:

  • Automates visit rotas saving on admin time
  • Customised screen layouts
  • Checks which carers are free and the best suited to cover calls
  • Manage all your visits from one easy to use screen
  • Assign workers to calls with a click of the mouse

Invoicing Homecare Software

Using our software solutions, we can offer a number of home care invoicing features. For easier and more up-to-date billing, please visit us to learn more about our financial management software.

Features for home care invoicing include:

  • Create and print invoices effortlessly
  • Integrates with accountancy programs
  • Save on administration time and costs
  • Set an invoice style preference for clients
  • Create invoices by month, weeks or by other date range
  • Eliminate errors and save money by setting automated pricing criteria
  • Print invoices as .pdf and email them directly
Invoicing Homecare Software

Payroll for Home Care Staff

With a mobile workforce, keeping up with home care payroll can be a challenge. Our software makes payroll for your home care staff easy.

Payroll features include:

  • Calculates care workers pay automatically as you coordinate your visits
  • Create and print pay sheets effortlessly
  • Calculates pay by bands or by the hour
  • Save on administration time compared to traditional pay methods
  • Automatically works out the mileage between calls and calculates travel reimbursement
Payroll for Home Care Staff

Mobile Software for Home Care Agencies

To make our software even easier to use, we have developed QuikPlan Mobile.

Our product gives you with near real time visit scheduling, service user details, and GPS mapping with automatic route. Our mobile software makes note sharing to keep your coordinators and care workers fully informed.

Mobile Software for Home Care Agencies

Electronic Call Monitoring

Our call monitoring service allows you to monitor when your workers are on-site at a patient's home or location. Calls are time stamped and archived for better service.

Features of our electronic call monitoring include:

  • Automatically marks visits complete
  • Links in seamlessly to call monitoring systems.
  • Confirms that the visits have taken place at the correct time
  • QuikCheck is less than half the cost to implement than most other call monitoring systems.
  • Integrates with most third party call monitoring systems.
Electronic Call Monitoring

Timesheets for Domiciliary Care

Our home care software will produce printable timesheets for your workers. You can even hand out to your care workers. They are easy to read, breaking the visits down clearly into days of the week and time of call.

The timesheets provide enough space for the client to sign to confirm the visit. There is also a space for the carer to record their mileage between calls.

Timesheets for Domiciliary Care

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