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RABScreen are the provider of external mesh protection screens, also known as air intake screens, for all air movement equipment.

If you are moving air you are moving debris and debris clogs and contaminates your fin coils, cooling towers, AHU filters, VRV units and compressors.

Distributor installers are available throughout the UK and Europe for immediate survey and recommendation. Email RABScreen now and we will easily save you time and money. 

Air Filters

Moving air moves airborne debris. That is why you have disposable filters in place on HVAC equipment.

Now you can protect those filters and any equipment drawing airborne debris with the RABScreen washable, external filter. 

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Did you know that a typical 200-ton cooling tower can take in up to 300kg of airborne debris during a typical cooling season?

RABScreen protection minimises this debris to dramatically reduce the nutrient sources associated with legionella. Biocide treatment is more effective and the use of chemicals is reduced. Save time energy and money by installing RABScreen air intake filter screens. 


Intake protection is secured to weather cowl inlet on a high efficiency compressor. This removes oil cooler coil contamination and provides you with an easy to fit and remove filter screen.

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