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At Rack Storage (UK), we are a specialist supplier of industrial storage solutions. We provide heavy duty equipment, pallet racking, industrial and office storage, shelving, and mezzanine floors. All of our products are source to make sure we provide outstanding quality with a fair price.

We will happily provide a FREE site visit and inspection, we will measure, design, quote, deliver and install projects of any size or complexity. Rack Storage (UK) delivers to anywhere in the UK and many of our products are delivered to an agreed delivery date.

Pull Out Heavy Duty Racking

Our pull out racking is designed for maximum loads. This popular range of products has side frame connections that can be removed to provide for storage of the heaviest loads directly on the floor. This pull out racking allows extremely heavy inventory items to be placed on the floor without any restrictions.

Our Heavy-Duty Racking systems are designed for loads of up to 10 000kg and can be customised to suit your racking needs.

Heavy Duty Sheet Storage

We supply solid steel heavy duty sheet storage systems that are completely extratable for the easy loading or stacking of heavy sheet metals.

Standard capacity 2 000 kg per drawer, with 3 000 kg on request. In case of 5 000 kg capacities per drawer the compartment can be rolled out.

Pull Out Sheet Storage

Our pull out sheet storage systems are designed for sheet metal loads handled by air. The load of each tray is 2 tonnes (variant 3 tons)

Pull Out Light Duty Racking

We supply pull out light duty racking that is designed for loads of up to 1000kg. Our systems are compact and available in many extendable sizes to suit your space requirements.

Manufactured in welded sheet steel for maximum stability and crane or forklift loading facilities.

Roll Out Cantilever Racking

Our roll out cantilever racking systems will  allow you to get stock like metal tubes, plate etc. into racks off the floor. This helps with quick access in narrow aisles with a high load capacity.

Pull Out Cantilever Racking

Our pull out cantilever racking has levels which each consist of two support arms .The extraction is done manually by pulling the level itself .

Cantilever Racking

We provide cantilever racking to increase your product selectivity. It also can increase space efficiency for where long loads are stored.

For long loads of wood, plastic or steel, our cantilever racking can be designed to be either single or double sided. The structure of this product typically consists of a footing which supports an upright column.


Heavy Duty fixed Racking

Our heavy duty fixed racking is manufactured in the UK. With up to 10 000 Kg load capacity and a large range of accessories available to ensure the safe loading of difficult goods.

Mould Tool Racking

Our mould tool racking solutions are robust and designed to provide ease when racking, but suitable for storing heavy loads like mould tools. With a pull-out mechanism, these units have a heavy roller bearing track, and are smooth to open and close.

Mezzanine Flooring

Installing a mezzanine floor is the rational solution for creating additional space within your current building. Physical expansion can be expensive, but every mezzanine floor is individually designed to fit within your current building.

Contact us today to see how our mezzanine floors can change the way you store goods.

Heavy Duty Metal Pallets

Our fully welded steel constructed metal pallets (available with mesh or steel sheet sides) are ideal for warehouse and storage applications and are designed to be stacked up to 4 pallets high with heavy duty 1000kg (max) capacity.


Our highly skilled engineers provide a full design, delivery and installation service for our customers:

  • Full site survey
  • CAD Drawings
  • SEMA qualified
  • Forklift truck Licenced

Racking Inspection

We carry out racking inspections to customer's requirements to ensure a well maintained and safe storage system.  We offer advice for clients on various options to resolve potential damage issues and reduce costs.

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Fireproof Pull Out Racking

Fireproof Pull out Tool / Storage is compact and optimally adapted to the storing Heavy inventory.

Some of the benefits from fireproof pull out racking are:

Protection from fire

Protection from water

Protection from theft

Heavy Duty Storage Platform

Our Heavy-Duty Storage Platforms are compact and optimally adapted to the storing Heavy inventory.

Perfect for storing heavy items (e.g. injection Mould Tools)

Easy to load, with overhead crane

Automated Pull Out Racking

Our unique electrically actuated pull out racking carries the CE mark of approval and is operated by an electronic device, reducing  the need for human intervention. Fast and efficient, it is designed for unit loads of up to 10,000kg and is available in various widths and heights to suit your requirements. It is also possible to equip the heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems with side panels, rear panels, covers and doors to protect stored items from dirt.

Pull Out Sheet Storage

The compact system provides everything that is required for handling directly at the machine. The basic framework is a drawer rack for sheets with swivel-mounted attachment structure and is ideal for easy loading and unloading. An attachment is located on the rack as a buffer store to increase the warehouse capacities. As an alternative, the complete system can also be loaded from the rear. A crane pillar is located directly on the rack frame, the pivoting jib of which is equipped with a vacuum lifting device for plate material. As an alternative, instead of the fixed roof level of the structure, a flat pallet magazine can be installed.

Honeycomb Rack

Do you want to extend your warehouse with a storage platform and use the space underneath for efficient storage? With the honeycomb rack, a quick-access rack, we offer you the perfect solution for the storage of your material and steel. It is ideal for large halls and also low storerooms and can therefore be adapted to your special requirements.

Mini Tipping Skips

There are particular spatial constraints in production, in narrow aisles and under large machines. Here, the use of mini tippers can be helpful. The mini self-tipping skip has various uses in everyday working life, for example as tipper for waste materials such as scrap, or as transport device for bulk materials such as small parts or chips. Thanks to its special low design, the mini tipper has an ample capacity despite compact dimensions. The Rack Storage UK Limited mini tipping skip that is produced in-house is self-tipping, self-raising and self-locking.

Pull Out Racking

Pull-Out System for Pallets

For up to 1000 kg per drawer, installed in pallet racks,

Tiered drawers for pallet racking systems

 For installation on crossbeams in pallet racks or directly on the ground

• Converts a pallet rack into a drawer rack
• Suitable for almost all commercially available pallet racks
• Goods are easily accessible from 3 sides without hydraulic trolley or forklift
• Ergonomic working positions, makes acrobatics and athletic effort unnecessary

• Space-saving due to reduced aisle widths

• More safety thanks to drawer stops

 Design: Established, robust steel construction with support

components, high-quality ball bearing guides, fastening materials
included in delivery. Pallet stops are already installed at the
back and supplied separately for the front. The default color is
blue RAL 5010, other colors, as shown above, are available but
extend the delivery time by 3 weeks.

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