Radford Ezy Net Ltd

With 25 years experience in the sports industry, Radford™ Ezy Net™ offers revolutionary, cost- effective solutions for complete systems used in the sports & play industry.

Products available range from safety cushioning, artificial cricket wickets, cricket stumps, indoor & outdoor cricket nets, playground matting and multi-sport surfaces, all designed to achieve the ideal balance between purpose, functionality and budget. From private homes to the Cricket World Cup, inviting Radford™ Ezy Net™ to assist you, ensures that the most reliable advice and materials are brought into play to account for every aspect from conception to practise or match.

Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited acknowledges that it is essential that every project be manufactured in order to provide the most suitable solution according to individual customers needs and circumstances.

Sport today offers more opportunities than at any other time. More and more outdoor activities seek to extend their seasons of practice and play using safe and reactive playing surfaces. To keep ahead of these trends, sports promoters, be they the private associations, schools, local authorities or professional clubs, will seek the best advice, technology, design and reliability. Radford™ Ezy Net™ is the answer. We have behind us the backing of 22 years experience working with tried and tested materials, both natural and synthetic, in all aspects of ground engineering.

The Radford™ Ezy Net™ Limited (Ezy Net™) system of synthetic sports surfaces provide the opportunity for schools, local authorities, sports clubs and other organisations to benefit from a safe, slip resistant yet responsive playing surface that can be used virtually all the year round and almost immediately after heavy rainfall.

Please visit www.radfordezynet.co.uk & www.safetycushioning.co.uk

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