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Radiant Control Ltd supply a comprehensive range of HVAC Control Equipment to suit a wide range of applications. With an extensive level of expertise in traditional systems and new technologies Radiant Control are well placed to provide a good level of service and technical support to client applications.

Kanmor tN4 Domestic & Light Commercial Building Management System

This component based package provides optimum efficiencies to both water temperature control & air temperature control.
The system utilises Room Controllers with Optimum Start, home automation scenes and fully programmable time and temperature control. Remote sensor options are an additional feature for either discreet room temperature control or floor temperature sensing.

Weather Compensation

Variable Water Temperature Control utilising kanmor 355x, 360e or 374e utilises either 3 or 4 port Mixing Valves, and ensures that system water temperature is accurately maintained for comfort conditions and optimum efficiency. Night setback is also a feature with the Weather Compensator Controllers in some cases in conjunction with an external timeswitch.

Air Temperature Control

Dial Thermostats or Display Thermostats are available to suit 24Vac or 230Vac applications with Programmable Thermostats utilising Optimum Start. Remote sensors are available to suit the Room Thermostat choice as either Room sensors or Floor Sensors and the ability to provide an average of remote sensor temperatures in larger areas of application.. Tamperproof Thermostats are available for either 24Vac or 230Vac. A two stage Programmable Thermostat is also available in 24Vac.

Heating & Cooling Air Control

Heating and Cooling applications require accurate control and need to ensure that there is no possibility of both operations taking place within the space or in quick succession. The Kanmor 512e Programmable Room Thermostat offers Heating and Cooling Set points along with a Heating and Cooling Interlock. Minimum Heating and Cooling operation times are also included in this specialised product.

Wireless Thermostat Control

Wireless Thermostats and Receivers provide single, two or three channel options. The wireless thermostat has full programmable capability of time and associated temperature.
Under Floor Heating applications have designated Manifold Wiring Centres as either Five Zone, Eight Zone and Ten Zone with either inclusive or separate Wireless Receivers.
The Wireless Thermostat options include a Tamperproof version, along with an Adjustable Dial option. A fully Programmable unit complements the range with Remote Floor Sensor or Infra Red Floor Sensor as required.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Room controllers can be utilised to provide both Heating and Cooling Setpoints along with Fan Speed Control of Air Conditioning equipment, typically VRF units and Fan Coil units. The kanmor 546e provides integration into a Kanmor tN4 system or operate as a stand alone controller.

Boiler Sequence Control

Four Stage Boiler Control is provided by the Kanmor 264e which also offers Boiler lead & lag rotation, Weather Compensation and Domestic Hot Water control.

Renewable Energy Control

Renewable Energy Controllers enable the efficient use of Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Wood Burning Boilers and various other sustainable energy sources.
Heat source sequence control is achieved utilising a staging controller.

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Internet Gateway

The kanmor tn4 system offers complete system control and access through the kanmor 483e gateway. A graphing facility allows historical data to be viewed and individual controller temperature set points to be adjusted to suit.

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