Radio Contact Service

Radio Contact Service, has the products and technical ability to provide communication services on an on-site, wide-area radio, regional basis. "Wide area Radio coverage" or "fleet radio" describes two-way radio service for people managing mobile assets across a city, county, or a multiple county radius. We offer the latest in quality wide area radio systems and equipment. Today's two-way radios offer the latest in technology to better manage your valuable field teams including GPS, text messaging, as well as voice.

  • Wide Area Radio Systems coverage - our wide area radio equipment give you miles of coverage, and our linked systems can provide multi-county coverage
  • Low, flat rate fees - you can budget with certainty on your communication needs
  • Unlimited air time - talk as long as you need with no per-minute charges
  • Rugged, durable mobile and portable radios - benefit from less down time from high quality and sturdy professional radios
  • Privacy - you hear only your own conversations and no one hears yours
  • Clarity - voice quality is excellent with professional systems and radios.
  • Packages - combine air-time and radios into simple monthly rates including lease options
  • Customer Support

Two Way Radio Equipment

Radio Contact Service provide the most cost effective, robust and reliable two way radio equipment throughout the south east to the south coast. Our primary aim is to help our customers achieve their wireless two-way radio communications goals while providing them with the greatest value both seen and unseen.   Quality of customer care is as equally important to us as it is to you. It’s our philosophy that the supply of a product or service is the beginning of a good working relationship. Big or small we value your custom and we are prepared to go that extra mile to deliver your expectations. Radio Contact Service continually develop the services that we provide. We feel that this approach to business has been essential to our continued success within the modern communications industry. providing the essential support to systems and equipment ensuring their ongoing serviceability.   Some of the duties of the technical support team  is to maintain systems, programming radios and infrastructure repeaters, designing and building radio solutions, installing systems and providing customer support.
Two Way Radio Equipment

Engineering Service and Repair

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced with excellent technical ability. They can provide engineering resources to support systems. We are competitive on price and services, and have a proven track record of maintaining very successful client partnerships.
Engineering Service and Repair

Communal Aerial Sites for Sharing

Radio Contact Service deliver the best digital radio systems and wireless data links from many key aerial sites within London and the South East, South Coast. Our aerial sites are based in London. Each site is interlinked providing saturated radio coverage within London and throughout the South East to the South Coast.   Customers can buy or rent radio equipment and utilise our systems on a monthly basis or use your own equipment and opt for an annual radio site fee. We guarantee a cost-effective coverage solution for all your communication needs. Our expert engineers constantly monitor our systems at these sites and maintenance is provided on your equipment at a level of your choice.
  • Trunked digital radio communications (Intersite facilities)
  • GPS vehicle tracking (No Cellular costs)
  • GPS asset tracking - vehicle and personnel ( cellular cost)
  • House your communications equipment within our SECURE sites
  • Wide area fleet communication systems (with or without GPS tracking)
  • Personnel radio communication systems (with or without GPS tracking)
Communal Aerial Sites for Sharing

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