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Welcome to RDL, UK Distributor to Kirisun Two-way Radio Communcations Products.

Ranked among the leading industry brands, Kirisun brings exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its professional radio communications equipment. Our products portfolio offers a winning combination of quality and value, combined with excellent customer service.

For more information about the Kirisun range of Analogue and DMR Digital radio products, please contact us.

Kirisun FP520/560

Kirisun FP520 / FP560 Licence Free DPMR PMR446 Portables


FP520 - 32 channels
FP560 - 256 channels

Water Protection IP65

Dependable communications for tough environments

Text Messaging
Pre-stored or direct keypad entry (FP560)

High-Powered Performance
A 1500mAh Li-Ion battery is standard (optional 2000mAh)

Dual Mode
The FP520/560 offers both Analogue and Digital modes allowing analogue users easy migration to digital

Digital Encryption for Secure Communications
The FP520 / 560 offers secure digital communications using 32bit encryption

Low Battery Warning
When the battery power goes below a certain value, the transmit LED flashes red and a low battery warning tone sounds.

Crystal Clear Audio
With 1 watt of loud, clear audio output and digital error correction the FP500 series helps you to hear even in noisy environments.

Supplementary Features (Some features only on the FP560)
Radio Self Check, 5-Tone, Radio Stun / Kill / Revive Remote Monitor. In
addition the FP560 offers front keypad direct entry text messaging and DTMF enc/dec, Private Call, Group Call and even Group Text Messaging. Create two 6.25kHz channels in a 12.5kHz spacing to achieve better spectrum efficiency

Channel Scan
Scanning both analogue voice and CTCSS/DCS signalling

Channel Annunciation
Channel annunciation on the FP520 offers convenience to users in special applications, such as working in darkness.

Programmable keys
Up to 3 Programmable keys can be set for different functions.

Use your current CP040 or DP1400 accessories with this radio to save costs.

Kirisun FP520/560

Kirisun DP620/660

Kirisun DP620 / DP660 DMR Digital Portables


Channel Capacity: DP620 32 Ch. / DP660 1000 Ch.
Frequency Range: 136-174MHz - 400-470MHz
Channel Spacing - Analogue: 12.5/25KHz / Digital: 12.5KHz
Digital Vocoder: AMBE +2
Power Output: VHF 5/1W - UHF 4/1W
Audio Output :1.6W

Rugged Design
The DP620/660 are strictly designed to meet IP67 and MIL-810 C/D/E/F/G standards ensuring good performance in potentially harsh environments

Durable Battery
Two-time slot transmission increases transmit time by 40% increasing talk time length. The standard 2000mAh Li-ion battery ensures at least 14 continuous working hours in analogue mode and 16 hours in digital mode.

Improved Audio Quality
Digital error-correction technology rejects noise and static providing consistent audio quality throughout its coverage area. The AMBE+2 vocoder further improves speech communication via the 1.6W audio output 40mm diameter speaker ensuring loud crisp voice communication.

Higher Channel Capacity
The DP620/660 can work with a single repeater to offer twice the traffic capacity without relicensing, which means two voice communications or one voice communication and one data transmission can transmit at the same time on one channel.

Migrate at Your Own Pace
DP620/660 radios can operate both in analogue and digital mode by channel selection or by mixed mode scanning. The TP620/660 can be used on an existing analogue system and when your budget allows, move to digital at your own pace.

Versatile Call Functionality
DP620/660 versatile call functionality includes individual call, all call, group call, emergency call, radio enable & disable, remote monitor, radio check, call alert.

Text Message
Text messaging offers a quite communication choice. You can choose up to a maximum of 50 preset dealer programmable messages or write free-form messages directly from the front keypad. (DP660 only).

Secure Communication
The built-in 16bit digital encryption technology makes sure only the intended person can hear your conversation, making it one of the most secure radios available without an upgrade.

Kirisun DP770

Kirisun DP770 DMR Digital Portable


1024 channels 12.5KHz / 20KHz / 25KHz (Analogue)
12.5KHz (Digital) 136-174/400-470MHz (VHF version due end Q2) TDMA.

1.8” Graphic Dot-matrix True Colour Display
The large full colour 5-line display allows easy access to information even under bright sunlight.

Strong, Durable and Essential
The DP770 digital portable meets or exceeds demanding standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP67 water resistance (submersible) Built-in Lone Worker, Man Down, 256bit encryption, VOX and Vibrate function are all standard.


Versatile Voice Calls
Enhanced digital vocal call feature facilitates the management of the calls between the team members and ensures the privacy of all communications. The DP770 supports Private Call, Group Call, All Call, Emergency Call, Transmit Interrupt as well as Data Services, GPS Functions, Data Transfer and Text messages. Text messages can be pre-stored for ease or entered directly via the front keypad. (Text messages can be sent to and received from Motorola radios).

GPS Localisation / Tracking (Optional)
The optional integrated GPS enables real time tracking of your team.

LIP (Location Information Protocol)
The DP770 allows the master user to send GPS messages to slave users.

Rich Signalling
Multiple advanced analogue signalling, including MDC1200, DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone (encode/decode) provides more expansion capacity for existing communication systems. To further compliment the rich signalling already built into the radio, the DP770, which is presently Tier 2 is being considered for Tier 3.

Durable Long Life Battery
The DP770 comes as standard with a 2000mAh Li-Poly battery. Operating up to 40% longer between recharges compared to analogue by using the TDMA 2 time slot technology.

Privacy of Voice and Data
Enhanced Digital encryption (ARC4,AES and DES) up to 256bit and scrambled Analogue call features ensures the privacy of calls between team members.

Migrate at Your Own Pace
Operating in either Digital or Analogue modes keeps your current communications system running during the migration from analogue to digital is vital to any business. The DP770 operates in both analogue and digital modes allowing you to upgrade at your own pace.

Vibration alert reminds the reception of a message and call in noisy environments and wherever covert counts.

Complies with ETSI DMR Standard TS 102 361-1,2 and 3.

Kirisun DP770

Kirisun PT6700

Kirisun PT6700 UHF Licensed Portable

UHF 400-470 MHz, 12.5 / 25 kHz, 4/1W
VHF not available


Tough and Waterproof IP67 (submersible)
Even in the most hostile of environments the PT6700 with water protection class IP67 and built to MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G will give you reliable and dependable communications.

Scalable to meet your needs
The reserved port in the PT6700 allows users or any third party to further develop other helpful functions such as MDC1200 signalling.

High-Powered Performance
The standard 2000mAh Li-Poly battery on the PT6700 ensures at least 20 hours use (90/5/5).

Low Battery Warning When the battery power goes below a certain value, the transmit LED flashes red and a low battery warning tone sounds.

Crystal Clear Audio
With 1.6 watts of loud, clear audio output and a powerful speaker with a diameter of 40mm, the PT6700 helps you to hear incoming calls even in noisy environments.

Lone Worker
Built in Lone Worker as standard. The PT6700 can send the radios ENI. The Emergency button will activate a Dealer defined series of open mic receive/transmit (TX/RX/TX/RX etc) until the call is cleared.

Channel Scan
The channel scan feature enables the radio to continuously scan each channel in the scan list for activity.

Channel Annunciation
Channel annunciation offers convenience to users in special applications, such as working in darkness.

Programmable Keys
Up to 3 Programmable keys can be set for different functions.

Dealer Password protection
The dealer can password protect against unauthorised reprogramming of the radio.

Use your current GP344 accessories with this radio to save costs

Kirisun PT6700

Kirisun PT8100

Kirisun PT8100 Analogue Mobile


8 Char. Alphanumeric LCD Display
Password Protection for Dealer Reprogramming Protection
Built-in RSSI
Programmable Power on Message
Meets MIL-STD810 C/D/E & F

Compact Size (150mm×131mm×43mm)
The PT8100's compact size makes it easy to install in the vehicle when space is limited.

Enhanced Call Function
Build in 2Tone / 5Tone / DTMF encode and decode enables multiple call functions for use including group call, private call, kill / active, stun / revive and silent interrogate.

Wide Frequency Coverage
66-88MHz, 136-174MHz, 438-490MHz

Easy to Use
With its 8-character alphanumeric display, 5 programmable buttons and 256 channels, the PT8100 is ideal for a large workforce.

Multiple Emergency Call
Enhanced user safety, lone worker and security check is built into this radio as standard. Lone Worker requires the user to respond at a predetermined interval, if they do not respond, the radio will automatically enter into emergency mode. During an emergency transmission, ENI, background and an emergency alarm can be sent to dispatch centre control and other included parties.

Manual Dialling
With the optional DTMF Microphone (and suitable infrastructure), it allows users to directly dial a number using their DTMF Microphone.

OST Function
The OST and full menu enabled function allows dealers to set CTCSS / DCS change the frequency and name tags on each channel direct from the front keys. (Ideal for dealers wanting to monitor different frequencies and tone slots on the move).

Home Channel
Home channel function enables the user to quickly return to their home channel.

Public Address
The public address feature feeds microphone audio through a powerful PA amplifier to the external speaker (not supplied) offering loud, out of vehicle audio.

Kirisun TM840

Kirisun TM840 DMR Analogue / Digital Mobile

(DTMF Mic optional extra)


Digital DMR Protocol: ETSI TS 102 361-1, -2, AMBE+2 vocoder.

1.8" Graphic Dot-matrix True Colour Display
The full colour display enables easy access to information even under bright sunlight. Date & time can also be shown on the screen.

Multiple Languages
TM840 supports multiple languages: English, simplified Chinese, German and French.

One Touch Operation in Usage
TM840 provides four programmable keys providing one touch operation like pre-stored Text Messages, Calls etc.

Versatile Voice and Data Service
TheTM840 supports various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call, All Call and Emergency Call, as well as the data services, GPS, Text Message, IP connect and Data Transfer.

Privacy of Voice and Data
Analogue inversion scrambling and digital encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)*1 , DES and ARCFOUR (ARC4) encryption methodology to both voice and data.

Optional integrated GPS enables the real time tracking of your mobile work team.

LIP Location Information Protocol
Allows the master user to send a GPS message to slave users.

Various Analogue Signalling Types
TM840 supports various analogue signalling types KDC1200, DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone encode/decode, CTCSS/CDCSS providing higher functionality when in analogue mode.

Supplementary Services TM840 supports supplementary services of Radio Check, Remote Monitor, Call Alert, Radio Enable and Radio Disable.

Accessory Expansion Including Analogue / Digital
Telephone Interconnect (via DTMF signalling). The TM840 is designed with the second developer option via the rear port of the mobile, e.g. emergency footswitch. It is possible to support simplex voice communications between radio and telephone users. It allows a radio user to make a telephone call; or a telephone user to make either a Group or Private Call to radio users through Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Dual Modes (Analogue + Digital)
TM840 operates in either analogue or digital mode in each channel ensuring a smooth analogue to digital transition.

TM840 supports scanning of pure analogue voice and signalling, pure digital voice and data, and also mixed mode scan that comprises analogue and digital signals.

Kirisun TM840

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