Radiocoms Systems Ltd


Two way radios were originally used by the police, fire brigade and many other official bodies. However, they are now used all over the world by many businesses where immediate communication is needed.

Our selection of two way radios depends on the systems they are connected to. If you need, they can be equipped with a short range and this makes them perfect for smaller areas like department stores or building sites.

Digital Radios

We supply a range of digital radios for the UK. This includes manufacturer models from well-known companies such as Motorola, Icom and Kenwood.

Our digital radios supply professional two way communication and perfectly clear audio. They have text messaging capabilities and support both FM analogue and new digital fleets.

Aerial Sites

Radiocoms System Ltd operates more aerial sites then any other dealer. We charge absolutely no connection fee. You just pay monthly rental.

Our aerial sites are in specific locations throughout the UK and link customers to the best reception available.

Service & Repair

Our service and repair services provide Radiocoms Field Service staff 24 hours a day, all year for every customer that needs complete maintenance and service and repair on their radio systems.

Furthermore, we have expert workshop engineers, installation engineers and customer service staff to take care of all your needs and two way radio requirements.   


Two way radios work on a simple back-to-back basis like licence-free radios. Other more complex systems work through a private system that we can design and tailor to be engineered to match your needs.

These systems are often designed to offer communication within individual areas like construction sites or large buildings.

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