Rainford Emc Systems Ltd.

EMC3 Anechoic Chamber :

Shielded Chamber:

Rainford EMC Systems is a market leader in anechoic chamber design and screen-roomed solutions

We’re a world-leading provider of EMC, antenna measurement facilities and specialist RF-protected environments such as EMPP and TEMPEST - ensuring compliance with the highest quality international requirements such as CISPR, EN and FCC.

We have standard designs for:

3m test distance chambers (REMC3)

5m test distance chambers (REMC5)

10m test distance chambers (REMC10)

All with proven NSA and s-VSWR performance designs.

We also have standard designs for Portable test cells, Standard test cells, Mini-Compact, Compact chambers, Automotive, MIL STD, Shielded chambers, Antenna chambers, MRI and Aircraft chambers.

Our key strength is that we offer an in house capability that covers the design, manufacture, installation and testing of our chambers from our UK facility. This enables us to listen to our customers and adapt to meet their needs.

Rainford Emc Systems Ltd. Overview