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Establised in 1991, Rainford Precision Machines provide a service based upon quality, high technical support, exceptional prices, and on-time deliveries. We are the UK agents for Union Tool, Kyocera Micro Tools and KERN Nano Precision machining centres.

Union Tool can supply cutting tools which including carbide, diamond and CBN endmills and carbide drills with diameter sizes from 0.06 mm up to 16 mm.  Kyocera Micro Tools include micro boring bars, reamers, spotting drills as well as endmills and drills from 0.1 mm diameter. We can supply tools to machine from soft alloys or non-ferrous to tough or hardened steels.

Rainford Precision Machines also provide KERN micro machining centres able to create immense accuracies.

Coated Endmills

Our coated endmills are available with coatings to solve machining problems in two distinctly different machining sectors, the first with UT Coat for tough steels such as Titanium, Inconel and Stainless Steel, while the second UT HardMax is for hard toolmaking steels up to 70 HRC.

Coated endmills are available from 0.06 mm diameter up to 16 mm diameter, with the ballnose endmills also being available in the super excellent series with± .003 radius tolerance.

New tool geometries of unequal tooth spacing and variable helix angles ensure UNION TOOL competes with the latest technologies.

Uncoated Endmills

Our selection of uncoated endmills include Kyocera Micro Tools’ 2 and 4 flute ballnose and square endmills. These uncoated endmills are ideal for micro machining soft steels and non-ferrous materials. They include 3mm shank tools and start at 0.1mm in diameter for 2 flute endmills and 0.2mm for 4 flute tools.

Special geometries and features such as polished flutes provide solutions to machining aluminium.

Samurai Endmills

The range of Samurai endmills are highly versatile and consist of 34 models from 1mm up to 12mm in diameter with ballnose, corner radius or square geometries.  This makes our Samurai endmills exceptionally suitable for mould and dies, automotive, medical, aerospace, and the general subcontract industry sectors.

Diamond Coated Endmills

Diamond coated endmills have a wide range of geometries for short stubby work or long neck for deep rib machining. The shank is ground to a .005mm tolerance.  A new range of square end tools DCES are available with diameters from 0.2 to 10.0 mm.

Drills, Reamers and Threadmills

Rainford Precision are specialists in drilling and milling small features in micro and macro components.  We have a lot of experience in drilling small holes on a wide variety of machines in an extensive range of materials, call us to see how we can improve your hole drilling and minimise your burr problems.

Additionally take a look at our reamers, threadmills and micro boring bars, and a new range of through coolant drills.

KERN Machining Centres

We offer KERN machining centres with ultra-precision accuracy, with the flagship KERN PYRAMID NANO capable of achieving accuracies on the work piece of ± 1 µm.

The new KERN MICRO in 3 and 5 axis configurations this 300 x 220 mm compact machining centre has a standard tool magazine with 101 positions (with option of 209), a 500-50,000 rpm HSK25 spindle, laser tool measurement system, component touch probe and the ability to easily link in to an external workpiece changer, and yet is only 1.5 m wide.  It’s ideal for production and prototype machining.

Sub Contracting Tool Grinding

For your special applications, the Rainford Precision Tool Grinding Department is equipped with the latest 5 axis CNC grinding machines with automatic wheel changers and tool loading systems.  Our manual tool grinders incorporate Opto-electronic measuring systems ensuring maximum accuracy.

We offer either tool manufacturing or regrinding services (including coating) to solve your problems.

Our customers, who include the Aerospace, Space Science, Autosport and medical industries, demand the highest of tolerances and surface finishes on their components. Endmills, form tools or stepdrills can be produced in tungsten carbide or high speed steel.

Grinders and Centricators

Our range of Single-lip and D-bit grinders and centricators are supplied from the market leading Michael Deckel range of machines. The renowned SO and SOE grinding machines are now equipped with a 20 times magnification microscope and dust exhaust system.

Michael Deckel's long established range of CENTRICATORS still provide the most accurate way of lining up spindles and bores as well as other datum features.


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