Rapidflame Ltd

Rapidflame Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of industrial gas burners and control systems covering all major industries.

  • Precision flame gas burners
  • Process heating systems
  • Air-gas control panels
  • Iinfra-red burners
  • Open flame burners

Equipment for a range of industries

In particular,we have many years experience in supplying equipment used in:

  • the flame treatment of plastic components and mouldings prior to printing, painting, labelling and coating.
  • the web processing of plastic film, paper and board prior to coating/laminating.
  • the removal by melting of sharp edges and flashing on moulded products.
  • the fire testing of cable.
Equipment for a range of industries

Quality and support

All our control systems are built in accordance with the latest European and international safety standards for gas combustion equipment.

Furthermore,we are able to provide on-site/after sales technical support.

Quality and support

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Please contact us

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