Rayleigh Instruments Ltd

Rayleigh Instruments Limited is a subsidiary of the Raytel Group Ltd. Rayleigh Instruments Ltd. is a prominent supplier to the UK market of a broad range of process control instrumentation. The product portfolio is divided into four main areas - Instrumentation, Safety Products/Relays, Rotational Products and Temperature/Pressure Products. Each product area is supported by its own team of technically aware internal and external sales engineers. Rayleigh's product range is made up from in-house manufactured items and distributed goods.

Rayleigh supplies goods which are produced by the Development, Design and Manufacturing Division of the Raytel Group Ltd. The Group has BS EN ISO 9001 quality approval, and is a BSI Registered Company, Reg. No. Q5623.   Distributed
Rayleigh has exclusive distribution agreements with important control/instrumentation manufacturers in Germany, France, USA and Italy. All goods supplied are manufactured to the highest Quality Accreditations

Current Transformers

TABB - Current Transformers - Measuring 

Measuring current transformer (formerly TAIBB)

  • Ranges: 40 to 300A (1A or 5A Secondary)
  • Busbar window 16 x 12.5mm
  • 21mm dia cable aperture
  • Hinged terminal cover
  • With fixing feet & DIN rail adaptor
  • Secondary terminals M4 screws
  • Weight 180g
  • Optional sealable terminal cover (ATACOP12)
  • Unit Dimensions : H=65, W=44, D=30mm
Current Transformers

Kilowatt Hour Meters

Conto D2 - kWh Energy Meters - DIN Rail mounting

Kilowatt hour meter / active energy meter

  • 2 module DIN rail mounting
  • Single phase network
  • Active energy class 1 (EN 62053-21)
  • Partial active energy (resettable)
  • Voltage, current (true RMS value)
  • Active power (kW)
  • Direct connection up to 36A or 63A, 240V, 50/60Hz
  • 6 digit LCD display
  • Self supplied auxiliary
  • Optional pulsed output
  • Unit Dimensions : H=91.5, W=35.6, D=65mm
Kilowatt Hour Meters

Multifunction Power Meters / Monitors

Nemo 72L Multifunction Power Meter - Panel Mounting

Multifunction power monitor / kilowatt hour meter / active energy meter

  • 72 x 72mm flush panel mounting
  • Single phase & 3 phase (3 or 4 wire) network unbalanced load
  • Active energy class 1 (EN62053-21)
  • Reactive energy class 2 (EN62053-23)
  • Power demand
  • Power max demand (resettable)
  • Partial active and reactive energy (resettable)
  • Phase Current
  • Phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage
  • Frequency
  • Phase active power
  • Phase reactive power
  • 3 phase active/reactive and apparent power
  • Power factor
  • –/1A or –/5A ct operated
  • 190…440V 50/60Hz measured voltage
  • 8 digit LCD display
  • Self supplied auxiliary
  • Pulsed output or RS485 communications
  • Programmable CT ratios
  • Unit Dimensions : H=72, W=72, D=81mm
Multifunction Power Meters / Monitors

Electrical Measuring Tranducers

TT1A and TT1B - AC Current Transformers / Transducers - Torroidal

AC current transformer/transducer - to measure single phase AC current and deliver a proportional DC analogue output signal (formerly TT35 and TT35A).

  • 35mm internal aperture
  • Primary current field selection
  • 4 primary ranges and 9 programmable ranges
  • AC or DC supply voltage
  • Input 5A…450Aac
  • Output 0…20mA, 4…20mA, or 0…10Vdc
  • Accuracy Class 1
  • Unit Dimensions : H=98(135), W=92, D=56mm
Electrical Measuring Tranducers

Signal Isolators and Conditioners

AISB - Signal Conditioner/Isolator

Signal conditioner and isolator for mV inputs.

  • Unit Dimensions : H=75, W=35, D=100mm
Signal Isolators and Conditioners


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