Raymar Industries Ltd


Raymar Industries Ltd. design and manufacture architectural feature balustrade and handrails for a wide range of applications, for architectural visual impact, safety, accessibility, long life and ease of maintenance. We have over 20 years knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of high quality bespoke handrail and balustrade. 

Tubular Handrail Standards

The Tube & Ball Handrail System from RAYMAR Industries Ltd is manufactured to a high quality standard using automated production techniques and complies with current regulations and specifications.

Suitable for installations in almost every type of application from basic industrial platforms to commercial interiors, the RAYMAR Industries Ltd Tube and Ball System is both economical and readily available.

Aluminium Slip-on Fittings

Speed-Rail® pipe fittings are made of high tensile strength, aluminum/magnesium alloy 535 with physical strength characteristics comparable to that of malleable iron at only one-third the weight. This alloy can be used with any other metal, including carbon or stainless steel, without fear of electrolytic (dissimilar metal) corrosion. We also carry major inventories of aluminum pipe in all IPS sizes, available in architectural mill finish, for use in any structural application required.

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