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As specialist high pressure zinc die casters, we use machines ranging from 75 tonnes to 100 tonnes. We are constant employ of the lastest technology as zinc die casters

In our Frech fully automated cell, we employ the latest technology including:

  • Auto spraying
  • Fully integrated casting weighing
  • Ensuring the complete casting is removed prior the closing loop
  • Conveyer cooling, and light guard presses

Due to the complete cycle being monitored in real time, shot control it produces quality castings every single time. The zinc- based alloys special properties allows close tolerances to be cast.  

Precision Casting

We specialise in precision casting and have continued to invest in the latest machinery and techniques. We carry out precision casting for a range of materials including aluminium and zinc.


Die casting is an efficient, economical process offering designers the opportunity to include complex 3 dimensional designs to suite all tastes. Parts have long service life and should be designed to complement the visual appeal of any potential surrounding parts. Parts can be produced with very close tolerances leaving very little machining if required at all. Die casting produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable, they are also heat resistant. Die cast parts are stronger than plastic injection mouldings having the same dimensions. Because die cast parts do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength is that of the alloy rather than the joining process, thus making them very strong and durable. Die castings can provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs, thus greatly reducing assembly costs and indeed time. Holes can be precast allowing for very simple second op tapping operation, external threads can also be cast if required. Die cast parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

Gravity Die Casting

We run a small gravity die casting facility producing prototypes and small batches of work, specialising in Hhigh pressure aluminium die casting. We produce accurate and cheap aluminium and zinc moulds, compared to sand casting moulds by using our gravity die casting. The fast chilling gives fantastic mechanical properties. The non-turbulent filling ensures process of heat treatable gravity castings with minimal absorbance.

CNC Machining

Our 12,000 square foot factory building is designed and used for our CNC machining; our emphasis is on efficiency. The building has been designed to lessen the product movement reducing wasted time. Because we use twin pallet machines, as the CNC machining is being completed on a pallet, we are able to load more components off the line onto another pallet so that there is no pause in the process.

Aluminium HPD Die Casting

RD Castings can deliver large and small batch sizes in many different types of metal. We have a range of Aluminium HPD die casting machines. The forces range from 160 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Our Aluminium HPD die casting machines are fitted with integral/remote facilities like vacuum cast, improving quality and reducing porosity.

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