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RDM Test Equipment has a wide reputation as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of quality control equipment, specifically designed to meet the needs of the flexible packaging film, rigid plastic packaging, laminate, foil and paper manufacturers, converters and end users.

Heat Sealers

  • HS-2 Laboratory Heat Sealer
  • HSV-1 Heat Sealer
  • HSE-3 Heat Sealer
  • HSE-3 Gradient Heat Sealer
  • HSM-4 Mini Heat Sealer
  • HT-1XS Hot Track Tester
  • HS-X1 Heat Sealer

Seal Strength

SST-3XS Seal/ Tensile Tester

The SST-3 Seal Strength Tester is a highly specialised quality control instrument specifically designed to evaluate the interfacial adhesion properties of coated packaging films and similar flexible materials.

SST-3XS Seal/ Tensile Tester

The SST-3XS Seal/Tensile Tester has been developed as a highly specialised machine to measure accurate low loads in tension and compression up to 50kg (500N). The machine is ideal for seal strength testing and general tension and compressive testing as required by the packaging plastics and paper industries.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

The CF800 Coefficient of Friction Tester is designed to determine the coefficient of friction properties of plastic films, laminates, foils and papers. The apparatus conforms primarily to the BS2782 method 824A and ASTM D 1894-78 but it can also be supplied to suit other international test methods.

The equipment is essential for measuring the slip properties of packaging materials to ensure smooth running on production packaging machines or to measure the effect that a coating or print has on base material.

Packaging/Paper/Pulp Testing

  • Box Compression Tester: Designed to evaluate packages and material under compressive loads.
  • Box opening Pressure Tester:  Designed to measure the opening force of flat stacked carton boxes.
  • Cobb Moisture Absorption Tester: This is a method used for measuring water absorption of sized papers.
  • Concora Fluter: This machine is used to form test flutes in paper medium in preparation for crush tests.
  • Crease & Stiffness Tester: Used to measure the force needed to bend board in machine and cross directions of grain.
  • Flat Crush Test Fixture & Cutter: The Flat Crush Test evaluates the resistance of flutes in corrugated board to a crushing force applied perpendicular to the surface of the board.
  • Paper Tube Crush Tester:   Designed as a cost effective machine to measure the strength of manufactured paper cores up to a crushing force of 10kn.
  • Dead Weight Compression Tester: Designed to perform either as a single test to investigate the effect of deformation, creep, collapse or failure as part of a sequence of tests designed to measure the ability of a package.
  • Edge Compression: The Edge Compression Guide Blocks are to aid in the determination of the resistance of corrugated fireboard to a load applied in the plane of the board in a direction parallel to the flutes.
  • Ink Rub Tester:  Designed to determine the quality of adhesion and scruff resistance of ink to paper surfaces.
  • Precision Drop Tester: Designed to ascertain the resistance to rough handling of various types of packaging.
  • Ring Crush Test Fixture: Designed to assist in the ring crush test for paper and board.
  • Flexseal: The FlexSeal is an advanced leak detection system designed for monitoring the seal performance of flexible and semi-rigid packages.

Plastic Testing

  • Coefficient of Friction Tester: Determines the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper, coatings and other sheeted material.
  • COFriction Tester: The COFriction Tester is an automated instrument manufactured to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting and paper and other sheeted material using the horizontal plane principle.
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester Incline Plane: Used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials by measuring the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and prescribed rate.
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion TesterUsed for determining the linear change of a refactory caused by a change in temperature and to ascertain the reversibility of these characteristics.

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Colour Check Cabinet

The Colour Check Cabinet was produced in order to answer visual colour matching needs. It is used for assessing colour changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality.

Fluorescent daylight, incandescent and optional black light may be used either individually or in combination.

Footwear Testing

  • Belt Flex Tester: The tests carried out on this machine gives an indication of the risk of spontaneous cracking of the shoe soles due to flexing in wear.
  • Shoe Drop Tester:  Designed to determine the impact resistance of protective toecaps.
  • Sole Adhesion Tester: This well proven instrument was designed to measure the strength of the adhesion of stuck-on soles at the toe and heel in the shoe factory, but is equally useful in the laboratory.
  • Whole sole Flex Tester: The Whole Sole Flex Tester can be fitted with three cleated soles to be tested as per DIN 53543.

Thickness Testing

  • Digital Micrometer: Automatically cycles up and down providing an accurate reading at the end of each cycle.
  • Thickness Gauge & Stand: The Thickness Gauge with stand can be used on many different materials where an accurate measurement of thickness is required.
  • Deep throat Gauge: We supply and manufacture a variety of thickness measuring devices for various applications, one of which being the Deep Throat Gauge.

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Rubber Testing

  • Compression Tester 65 tonne: Easy to use with an electric hydraulic pump with a vertical above mounted cylinder.
  • Dry Bath Aging Block: This equipment is used for determining the long term effects of elevated temperature on various materials.
  • Cavity Sample Mould: This four cavity mould has been produced to fill certain requirements in the specification for Vulcanising Rubber.
  • Mooney Viscometer: The shearing disc Viscometer, when applied to rubber or other elastomeric materials, is used as a standard method of determining the viscosity of such materials in the raw or compounded state.

Sample Cutters

  • Cutting Press 2 tonne arbour: Handle operated manual Arbour Press used in conjunction with Cutting Dies to produce testing samples.
  • Tool Steel: Cutting of plastics, paper, textiles and rubber samples for tensile tear testing.
  • Grammage Cutter 100cm²: The Grammage Cutter has been designed to cut 100cm² circular paper samples to assess grammage.
  • Guillotine: We can supply a range of Guillotines to suit various applications.
  • Sample Cutting Press 10 Tonne Hydraulic: This hydraulic sample cutting press has been manufactured with two spring return safety switches, which need to be pushed and held to activate the cutting action.
  • Ruler Type: Cutting of plastic film, paper and rubber samples for tensile tear testing.

Calibration Services

RDM Test Equipment is a leading global supplier of test equipment for the flexible packaging industry. We are aware that our customers demand the highest levels of support and after sales service. Therefore our objective is to provide a no compromise back up for the equipment we provide.

Part of our commitment to our customers is the professional calibration and breakdown service we offer.

On Site Calibration
Our engineer comes to your site to carry out a comprehensive calibration service.

In House Calibration
This is in our controlled facility in our factory in Hertfordshire. Your equipment will be serviced and calibrated at a fraction of the cost. 


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