RDT Precision Optics


We specialise in the design and manufacture of precision optical components. Our highly skilled staff specialise in developing precision optical components for a variety of different industries including medical, optical and defence around the world. We specialise in polishing and machining to provide excellent service and quality.

Lenses & Filters

We offer a variety of lenses & filters including bi-concave lenses, bi-convex lenses, N.D. filters and polarising filters which are custom made to your specification. Our lenses & filters are manufactured using high quality materials which are made to any standards or tolerances required.  

Optical Design Services

We offer optical design services using mechanical modelling performed in 2D and 3D. We create opto-mechanical and opto-electronic designs. The optical design services are offered along side the products we manufacture.   

Optical Assembly

We offer optical assembly of our components, so from start to finish you know you are getting the best service. The optical assembly can be simple lens mounting or filter carousel and complex optical sub-assemblies or component assembly. 
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