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Real Asset Management (RAM) is a leading provider of fixed asset software.  Established in 1981, its products and services have been implemented by in excess of 3,000 organisations throughout 70+ countries and are active in all industries. RAM's product suite provides a complete solution to asset management and incorporates every aspect of fixed asset accounting, capital project control, lease accounting, asset tracking and maintenance management in one comprehensive solution.

RAM is commited to keeping its customers at the forefront of technological innovation with products that are fully scalable, capable of running under all modern operating systems, fine-tuned to ensure they are able to address each and every stage of an asset's life, and confident that from acquiring to retiring, all assets can be maintained, utilised, accounted for, moved, revalued, tracked or disposed of as necessary.

If you are currently using spreadsheets and relying on complicated formulas, are struggling to meet industry requirements or have been forced away from your legacy ledger package then why not contact RAM today?

Fixed Asset Accounting

Real Asset Management's fixed asset accounting software enables organisations to track, record and control any financial changes that may occur throughout the lifecycle of an asset.  This could include, but is not limited to depreciation calulations, forecasting, lease accounting calculations and capital expendature control.  Easy access to this information will transform your asset management processes, reducing costs and improving compliance.

A comprehansive and centralised fixed asset management software solution is the only way to fully achieve effective asset management and RAM's solution offers the the ability to support the full lifecycle of asset accounting.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Asset Tracking Solutions

Real Asset Management provides a comprehensive asset tracking and data capture solution to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of and asset audit.  With a centralised asset register, organisations are able to keep a record of the status and location of an asset with minimal cost and resources.  This allows greater vision and control over the asset base whilst ensuring industry compliance and will reduce the occurances where assets deemed valuable to an organisation are lost.  An asset tracking solution such as RAM's allows assets to be identified more quickly for audit and insurance purposes.

It is possible to use dedicated barcode scanning equipment or smart devices running RAM's Track5000s mobile app (iOS, Android or Windows Mobile) in conjunction with RFID tags or barcodes to take full advantage asset tracking functionality including the issue and return of items.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Maintenance Management Solutions

Real Asset Management provides a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to assist in the management of all processes associated with the maintenance of an asset.  A combination of improved stock management and efficient maintenance processes help to reduce spend, improve the durability of items and enhance customer service.  RAM's CMMS is available as a cloud based solution or installed locally and encorporates:

  • Asset Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Inventory & Stores Control
  • Procurement Management


Maintenance Management Solutions

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