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The initial concept for our Really Useful Boxes came from our owner who, as an accountant at a plastics company, wanted a transparent, strong, stacking storage box to store his archive records. After exhaustive searches he was unable to locate such a product so in good old-fashion tradition created it himself.

We have now evolved this concept into archival storage for CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs and LPs. We can now proudly claim to have the World's largest range of transparent, strong, stacking storage boxes.

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Box Details

  • All items constructed of Polypropylene.
  • All items have a working temperature of -15°C to +80°C.
Box Details

Tray Details

Really Useful Trays!
To enhance the uses and application of our boxes we have developed a range of trays that can be used in conjunction with our boxes.

Cutlery trays
These trays are 375 x 310 x 45 (length x width x depth in mm) and are designed for cutlery, make-up, craft or office supplies. Like the other large trays, these trays fit inside the 11, 11 XL, 18, 20, 21, 21 XL, 35, 35 XL, 50, 64, and 84 litre boxes (see above).   Read More information on Tray Details
Tray Details


We can supply a full range of racking to be used in conjunction with our boxes.

We have two main finishes of chrome and blue uprights.

For large projects we can offer a full design and installation package.


Pallet Collars

We have a range of two types of plastic pallet collar. Both types can be supplied in either 1.0 or 1.2 metre lengths.

Pallet collars are ideal for industrial storage handling and distribution.

In particular for distribution the stackability and high flexibility makes them perfect for achieving greater utilisation of the load volume.

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Pallet Collars

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