Reborn PPE

We are a sustainable and ethical British workwear manufacturer and produce ethical workwear in our factories.

With the shortages of PPE around the world and other factories running at full capacity, we knew we had to see what we could do to help out as well. While we normally manufacture sustainable clothing and merchandise, we have contacted our entire supply chain located throughout Europe and Asia to see if any of them were able to produce medical grade PPE.

It is important to note that we as RebornPPE are also working to develop our own internal production lines, but all the products you see on our website are being manufactured in Europe and Asia and thus the certifications are held by our supply chain and partners. While we will be establishing a US presence and factory this will take some time, to avoid any delays this is why we are utilising our supply chain and their certifications. Therefore if you need FDA / NIOSH N95 masks please contact us before placing an order. As there is a world wide shortage of FDA approved N95 masks. 


Reborn PPE Overview