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At Recol we are fully committed to maintaining our market-leading position through our regular programme of investment in the very latest cutting-edge technology. Take a look at the state of the art punch and laser equipment we use to ensure that your products are manufactured to your precise requirements whilst meeting our own exacting quality standards.

Precision CNC milling & turning

At Recol Engineering we have continually invested in the latest machinery and computer technology ensuring we maintain our quality and competitive edge that has secured the company's place within a very competitive market.

Nowhere is that more evident than in our approach to CNC Milling & Turning. The Recol Engineering complete precision engineering service includes advice, development and prototyping and we are able to provide tailored CNC Milling & Turning services.

As is well known, the art of precision engineering became more sophisticated with the introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) technology. CNC milling is the prismatic form of machining and is normally associated with square parts. CNC milling machines are more often now termed as machining centres and they perform all types of CNC milling operations. The introduction of CNC Turning meant engineers could machine in multiples across a comprehensive range of metals and materials.

This Recol Engineering flexible manufacturing environment has given rise to reduced lead-time and unit cost, contributing to one of Recol's main priorities - the provision of total customer satisfaction at all times.

Precision CNC milling & turning


The company's range of Amada HFB press brakes were in need of replacement. Upgrading to the latest Amada HFP models would help reduce setup times, principally through the use of more advanced software and a bend angle measuring system to assess fold accuracy and to transmit any necessary adjustments to the Amada AMNC-PC control.

We also decided that the press brakes must be able to be programmed offline and be simple to set up and operate. This would maximise available time on the press brake for the actual bending of parts.

Too much time is spent setting up press brakes, loading programs, finding which tools are used and working out where the tools need to be positioned.




Radan Radraft

Radraft provides us with a comprehensive drafting solution for drawing preparation and all 2D geometry manipulation. With many advanced features and an easy-to-use graphical interface, Radraft is flexible and cost effective.

Radraft is a highly productive tool that meets our engineering drawing needs. In addition, the full toolset of drafting functionality is available for all other 2D geometry tasks.

Whether it is a drawing, a sheet metal profile in Solid Works, or a sheet metal part, the full power of Radraft geometry construction tools is available.

The standard toolset made available in Radraft, reduces training requirements, eases deployment and delivers higher productivity therefore allowing us to be more competitive.



An integral part of the Recol Engineering precision manufacturing services end-to-end solution - is our product assembly service to create the finished item. Our product assembly team have extensive experience across a wide range of products covering both mechanical assembly and electrical assembly on products such as: street furniture, machine guards, specialist lighting, moving poster displays and point-of-sale display stands.

Our long experience of contract and project management gives our clients confidence in knowing Recol is overseeing every aspect of the job, from order to delivery. This means from one purchase order, it is possible to source fully machined and finished castings and if required, assembled into complete assemblies or sub-assemblies which can go straight to the production line.

At Recol we have the facilities for producing complete and sub complete assemblies, along with a comprehensive packaging and delivering service. Our flexible manufacturing environment has given rise to reduced lead-time and unit cost, contributing to one of Recol's main priorities - the provision of total customer satisfaction at all times.


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