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We market and manufacture panel meters and quality products with unquestionable reliability. They are suitable for the railways, marine, power generation, petrochemical, process plants, and laboratory environments.

Special indicators have been certified for use in hazardous area applications holding ATEX certification for both intrinsically safe and type nL areas suitable for field mounting, having IP66 rating, and panel mounting with IP54 rating.

Our panel meters include:

  • Record traction
  • Record DIN
  • Record control

Hazardous Area Instruments

We supply quality hazardous area instruments with many functions.

Record Cirscale moving coil indicators, the Cirscale range utilises the 240 ° "Premier" movement. This proven movement system has been manufactured using the very best precision components and automated production facility. These factors give the movement system its inherent reliability, linearity and accuracy among moving coil indicators.

Record Field Mount moving coil indicator, known as the FM4 this field-mounted indicator is rugged, weather proof in design and tested to withstand severe climatic and operating conditions such as those found on offshore oil and gas installations or exposed process plants.

If you would like anymore information on our hazardous area instruments, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Hazardous Area Instruments


The Traction range of speedometers and speed indicating instruments is designed to meet the requirements of transit units worldwide. In the operational areas of passenger transport and industrial rail freight, great demands are placed on instrumentation systems due to the severe shock and vibration that can be experienced during service. In many of these applications RECORD Traction Speed speedometers instruments are chosen because of their robust design and reliability.

Many of the world’s railways are now run by operating companies with long-term franchises. Trains themselves usually last between 30 and 40 years and, because of this, operators and manufacturers look for long-term reliability and availability to support the working life of the transit system.


Alternators and Generators

We can supply alternators and generators manufactured to modern standards.

We manufacture AC transmitters, suitable for wide variety of rotary linear speed measurement/control, industrial process systems and diesel engines. Our DC transmitters are tachometer transmitter (tachogenerator) connected to a receiver (tacho indicator) which makes a tachometer system for the measurement, monitoring and control of speed.

If you would like more information on our alternators and generators, please contact us.

Alternators and Generators

Moving Coil Indicators

We manufacture and supply moving coil indicators that are hermetically sealed. Our range of hermetically-sealed panel meters has been designed to comply with the most stringent of marine and military applications. They have also been manufactured to withstand harsh operating environments.

Because of this high specification, our moving coil indicators have often been used in other industrial areas where the robust sealed case design protects the movement system from harsh environmental factors.

Moving Coil Indicators
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