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Red Dragon Ltd are specialists in explosion proof solenoid valves, flameproof solenoid valves, ATEX, GOST and IECEx certified solenoid valves.

What do we do?
2 way, 3 way and 5 way solenoid valves in brass, stainless steel and other materials for ambient temperature ranges between -60 degrees C and +90 degrees C. Single solenoid monostable or dual coil bistable designs including manual reset and manual latching functions as 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2.

Namur mounting valves with Exd certification for use on valve actuators in 3/2, 3/2 manual reset, 3/2 dual redundant valves, 5/2, 5/2 manual reset and 5/3 functions.

Exn, Exm and Exd 2 way EN161 solenoid valves for natural gas and fuel duty.


Compressed air/gas flow measurement

We offer thermal mass and pitot tube flow measurement solutions for compressed air or gases with options for inline or insertion type for larger pipe diameters. Thermal mass is ideal for clean, dry gas flow measurement with accurate results with a range of communication outputs. The pitot tube design is impervious to contaminants such as water, particles and oil making it ideal for measuring at the compressor outlet where traditional meythods do not work. It is also ideally suited to very high velocity measurements and the S430 unit offers the measurement of flow, consumption, pressure and temperature from just one sensor.

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Compressed air/gas flow measurement

Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

We have a wide range of Solenoid Valves and they include 2 way valves for use on cryogenic media down to -196ºC. Body material options are brass or stainless steel and suitable for safe or hazardous areas where ATEX or IECEx certification is required. 

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ISO 8573 Air Quality Measurement

The measurement and recording of data relating to compressed air quality is increasingly of importance to many industry sectors, not just where the air has direct contact with product or feeds respiration systems.

Measurement of air quality is a prime indicator of compressed air or gas system health as it allows the monitoring of trends that indicate clogging of filters, failure of components in the treatment chain and also corrosive in the distribution system.

Commonly, the main factors to monitor are:

Dew Point: The temperature at which water vapour will start to condense into liquid which can cause damage to components and enable corrosion, increasing the cost of plant maintenance. By ensuring that the measured dew point is below the minimum ambient temperature, the system is protected.

Residual Oil Content: Oil can be entrained within the air in the form of liquids, aerosols and vapour. The origin can be both from the atmosphere at the inelt of the compressor and also form the compressor lubrication system if it isn't an "oil-free" design. Oil in the system acts as a glue to combine impurities and particles to cause blockages and contaminate products or interefere with process quality. It is important to note that methods of detecting liquid or aerosols are not effective with vapour and as rule of thumb, if there is liquid or aerosols present, there will also be vapour but the opposite is not necessarily true. It is possible that a high concentration of oil vapour or VOC's can be missed by conventional aerosol testing methods and plants deemed to be safe for operation are actually highly contaminated.

Particles: These can be airborne particles from the inlet, rust, scale or wear from the compressor and distribution system.

Red Dragon offers a series of instruments from CS-iTEC GmbH that are designed to measure dew point, oil vapour and particles separately for temporary or permanent monitoring. Recently announced was the S 600 portable air purity analyser which combines all these sensors into a simple portable unit for on-sie testing.

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ISO 8573 Air Quality Measurement

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