Redactive Print Management


Redactive Print Management - is part of the Redactive Media Group - we have successfully been helping our clients to save money on their print management needs. Many clients have given feedback savings of over 10% against their incumbent print supplier, when using our print management services.

These clients 'plugged in' to our massive print spend and took advantage of the discounts not normally offered to them by their printer.


Sustainable print procurement service

We provide a sustainable print procurement service, we vet our suppliers for ISO 9001, 14001, Green dragon, FSC or PEFC accreditation. We can advise on sustainable source print as we have our own PEFC accreditation. We now also run to the Fogra 39L colour space which helps ensure your corporate colours are always spot on!

Digital Printing services

We are able to provide competitive print management pricing for all your printing services from 1 to 1 million:

* Flyers
* Brochures
* Product catalogues
* Post cards
* Reply forms
* Order forms
* Direct Mail
* Stationery
* flags
* Banners
* Large format
* Posters
* Magazines

Editorial services


Engaging content is at the heart of every publication and website we produce with over 40 in-house journalists to bring the subject matter to life. We balance the communications objectives of our partners with the information needs of their readers.

Market-leading business titles, glossy consumer magazines, medical journals, charity publications, corporate brochures…whatever the brief, our experience of combining intelligent design and typography, stunning photography and thought-provoking illustration enables us to create innovative and eye-catching pages.

Advertising contacts and sales


Redactive generates over £25million of advertising and sponsorship revenue each year and consequently has a network of advertising contacts which is second to none.

We have about 40 advertising sales professionals who will generate substantial revenues to help our partners fund their communications with us. Click on Media sales to find out more.

Subscriptions and magazine circulation


Quality content sells. Many of our magazines attract paid subscriptions which provide another valuable revenue stream for our publishing partners.


Whether you require a weekly magazine or a one-shot brochure, Redactive can help from concept to distribution.

We create engaging and targeted content in any format you require, which delivers against your marketing and business objectives.

Website planning, design and build


Whether clients are looking for a standalone website or digital activity integrated with a magazine, Redactive can provide:


Planning, design and build

Content generation – using the same team that produces the magazine (where appropriate)

Interactive content – blogs, polls, archives, video...

Traffic building – search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search (PPC)

Managing, hosting and maintenance

What can you expect from your website?


Daily communication and interaction with users/readers

Digital revenues through advertising and directories

An online community which encourages loyalty

Increased awareness and an enhanced reputation as an information provider

Cross-promotion of other initiatives generating immediate response

Customer and data acquisition

Direct sales of products and services

By integrating your communications, Redactive can ensure that your magazine, website and events are consistently branded and combined to achieve your business objectives.

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