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At Reddiplex, we manufacture and supply custom extrusions in a diverse range of materials. Our custom extrusions are produced from a comprehensive range of flexible, rigid and rubber materials depending on the application. Our extrusions are used by a variety of industry sectors including construction, glazing, automotive, and marine.

Extruded Materials

We supply a huge assortment of extruded materials covering a broad range of industry specifications. Our extruded materials include high-performance engineering thermoplastics as well as more commonly extruded materials. The materials offer heat resistance, flexibility and stability.

Extruded Materials

Extrusion Capabilities

We provide a range of extrusion capabilities to suit a variety of applications.

Our extrusion capabilities enhance performance and aesthetics and include:

  • Single hardness extrusions
  • Co-extrusion
  • Triplex extrusion
  • Cross head extrusion
  • Pile extrusion
Extrusion Capabilities

Partitioning Products

We manufacture an impressive range of partitioning products for the office partitioning industry. Our partitioning products are available in an assortment of colours, styles and shapes.

We stock products available for immediate dispatch including: 

  • Single Glazed Chair
  • Double Glazed Chair
  • Single Glazed Bead
  • Double Glazed Bead
  • Single Glazed Offset Glazing Chair
  • Single Glazed Offset Glazing Bead
  • Skirting Sections
  • Corner Angle
  • Joint Infill
  • Dry Glazing Joints
  • Covertrim
  • Wedge Gaskets
Partitioning Products

Technical Tool Cutting

We produce and use technical drawings and specifications to carry out technical tool cutting. Our technical tool cutting team use new materials and technologies to cover all aspects of the tooling process including maintenance and modifications.  

Technical Tool Cutting

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