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We provide a comprehensive and quality range of moulding services for both plastic and rubber moulding including thermoplastic injection, thermoset compression and rubber compression and injection. We specialise in low volume technology sectors such as aerospace, defence, medical and electronic markets.

In addition to our moulding services, we also provide precision machining and secondary operations such as milling, turning drilling, inserting, ultrasonic welding, and assembly.

We undertake and support projects from initial concept through product design, material selection, tooling and through to completion.

Design Concepts

We provide support for design concepts and provide engineers needed for designing components with 3D modelling who can offer advice on material selection and tooling options.

Design concepts also need consideration related to converting metal parts to plastics and final cost analysis. We can help and advise on all these aspects and many more to create a flexible and simple moulding process.

Product Introduction

We can help with a production introduction and support with every step needed to introduce it on a tight schedule.

Our production introduction support includes prototyping, reverse engineering, tooling management, quality planning, and the drawing up of First Article Inspection reports.

Component Moulding

We provide a comprehensive range of component moulding services and have a wealth of moulding technologies available to us.

Our component moulding includes thermoplastic injection, thermoset compression and rubber moulding. We also process high temperature and engineering grade materials. 

Machining and Finishing

Our machining and finishing service includes the secondary operations often required for moulded parts and assemblies.

Machining and finishing provides features too costly or impractical to incorporate into the moulding process and produce close tolerance. We provide in-house machining, drilling and turning. 

Assembly and Testing

Our quality assembly and testing provides services including bonding, fastening, inserting, painting, RFI/EMI shielding, ultrasonic welding, and cleaning.

Our assembly and testing service also offers NDT testing for mechanical electrical products.  

Parts Delivery

We know it is essential within your supply chain to have continuous working and we aim to offer moulded parts and parts delivery the way you need them.

We can organise parts delivery, kaban and JIT deliveries and call of schedules with specific packaging requirements. We also provide kitting up, barcoding and the storage of completed mouldings and products.

Traffic Products

We manufacture an extensive selection of traffic products. Produced from recycled rubber, they include Traficop speed cushions, raised tables for traffic calming, Sitecop speed bumps and parking posts, and flexible kerbing.

Traffic products also consist of Jislon pole cones with crash friendly deformable posts for passive safety, takpave tactile surfaces, and BusPad raise bus boarding and vehicle stoppers.

We also manufacture Gripchock range of rubber chocks for aircraft and vehicles and all our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2001.

Speed Bumps & Ramps

We provide a unique range of speed bumps and ramps available with three different profiles to suit almost any application.

Speed bumps and ramps include MiniSitecop, the smallest of the speed bump family, Sitecop speed bumps are 500mm x 500mm and are 70mm high and are suited to reduce cars to 0-5mph.

 The largest member of the Sitecop selection is the SitecopPlus which is designed for the larger vehicles like HGVs.

Site Safety Products

We have a range of site safety products found in detail on our website. These site safety products include sleeping policemen, parking posts, and vehicle stoppers.

We also supply wheel chocks for industrial and military sectors and drawing storage systems.

Crash Friendly Traffic Products

On our website you can find further information on our range of crash friendly traffic products.

These crash friendly traffic products include items such as passively safe pole cones for highway usage.

Inclusive Mobility

Also on our website are details in our unique selection of inclusive mobility.

Inclusive mobility products include items for the visually impaired and wheelchair uses.

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