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Reel Appeal specialise in the manufacture of leaflet and booklet labels, which can make a real difference to our customer’s sales. We recognise that the role of product labelling can be the ‘ultimate point of sales’ tool.

Communicating product innovation and flexibility with our self-adhesive labels, is very much at the forefront of Reel Appeal’s aims. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and along with our very experienced production team there is nothing too big or too small. All of our products can be tailor made to fit your needs giving you a truly unique product.

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Leaflet and Booklet labels. "Peel open the possibilities"

Our leaflet and booklet labels can help you to maximise valuable space on your product to promote, add extra legislation or even to become multilingual. All this can be achieved whilst adding to your products shelf appeal and strengthening your brands market position. These products enable you to bring vital information direct to your customer’s fingertips instantly improving their experience of your product increasing the chances for future sales.

Your labels will be tailor made to suit your specific requirements. We can supply labels from a 2 page leaflet to 32 page stitched booklets all full colour with a fully laminated top layer our leaflet and booklet labels keep the information inside protected against harsh environments.

All of our leaflet & booklet labels are produced in house by our experienced staff and in conjunction with our sister company and lithographic supplier Brook & Learoyd we can cover all your label requirements.

Benefits of our leaflet and booklet labels

  • Maximising on pack space
  • Protects the information against environmental conditions.
  • Eliminates the need for different labels if exporting a product abroad.
  • Stops the need for extra packaging or leaflets.
  • Gives you almost unlimited space for instruction diagrams
Leaflet and Booklet labels. "Peel open the possibilities"

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At Reel Appeal, we understand your labels and branding are just as important as the product itself to gain and retain your customer base. We know that great quality and design can make all the difference between flying off the shelf and being left on the shelf. We pride ourselves on producing high quality labels so your products will stand out from the crowd.

We can print up to 5 colours on our Flexographic press including in-line laminating, varnishing and die cutting. Along with our added Digital labels facilities we feel that we can offer everything that our customers require. Combined with our in house range of finishing equipment we can ensure that all our labels reach our customers as they requested and ready to use.


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Digital Labels

In recent years digital label technology has revolutionised the label industry allowing customers to order short run work with the same great quality as you find with traditional printing methods. When ordering digital labels there is no minimum order quantity, we can produce like for like press proofs for product trials and it really lends itself to seasonal or promotional products.

There is no need for costly printing plates which can inflate short run label costs ensuring that we keep our prices competitive. With Digital we can change images with just a click of a button. At Reel Appeal, we feel that flexographic and digital complement each other allowing us to offer a flexible approach to all your label requirements.

Digital Labels
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