Regent Distributors Ltd

Whether your skin is sometimes exposed to specific dermatalogical hazzards, or like millions of others, your working life simply requires hygenic and restorative skin care, Regent has the solution for your hands. Our comprehensive skin care system includes protection, cleansing care products with unique formulations that bring our many clients the 'holy grail' of powerful skin treatment combined with gentle, restorative skin care.

Solving Skin Care Problems - Using the Regent range, you'll benefit from the outstanding performance and unique properties of our products. Our many customers are finding the perfect solutions to their need for strong protection and powerful cleansing, but with a unique solvent-free, pH neutral formulation that keeps skin fresh, smooth and healthy.

Easy-to-use Systems - We offer a straightforward range making it easy for you to select the right items for your need: from heavy duty to mild cleansing, and from high volume to individual or occasional use. Most of our products are available in 2000ml soft collapsible easy to dispose cartridges , which provide for 1000 effective, economical applications. We also now have a range of wipes for those on the move.

Impeccable Credentials - The Regent range is backed by all the dredentials you'd expect of a leading national supplier of sensitive health and safety solutions. All the products are clinically tested, compliant withEC Cosmetic Laws and manufactured to ISO9001 standards.

At Regent, we truley believe that our products are their own best salesman. So, please... browse the pages on this website and then give our products a try. They could literally save your skin.

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